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  1. hi Terrible One, wat crazy bike u looking at getting?share lei... btw where to get nice bars like those street tracker type? something like this http://thekneeslider.com/images/xr900e.jpg hi Newbie87, wat outing?bo jio one? hi Throttle, thx for the comment.glad u like it hi bleu, thx for the comment too.its not that unqiue lah...juz simple bike. yet to finsh.
  2. hi Terrible One. so far it didn't bottom out coz the phantom rear sus is quite hard. even i pillon my gf also quite alrite.gn 125 can buy very cheap nowadays wat.i saw few mths back got someone selling at $500,coe till 2013. Cm125 is the hard one to get cheap.its also one of the nice one to do up.i like the CM125 tank.very tall peanut tank like harley,got quite a gd capacity.The CM125 engine is also a gd one.but GN 125 the weight is definely lighter and handle better...but the brakes of GN 125 really suck..thats why i upgrade the brake pump to a Nissin type from a phantom.now it can even
  3. not all the wiring,but mainly at the area where the battery the rectifier is. hmmm....i like CG too,can't find one at that time when i looking for bike. so bump into one guy in the forum selling his GN very cheap so juz buy over slowly do.end up quite a many things to do.
  4. mostly all diy. engine and electrical stuff i go to HL Cycle. led lights i get fr Auntie at Kelantan. the IU i buy fr VICOM inspection ctr. Newbie87,wat bike u ride?
  5. its not really not much of a mod it's more like strip down. 1)took off the tach and speedo coz not working anymore,replace wif digital speedo cost: $28 2)tool off rear mudguard coz broken,replacing soon cost $0(diy) 3)took off the box and brackets cost: $0 (diy) 4)change the bars cost: $15 5)change the signals to led cost: $40 6)change brake light to led type oval type cost:$40 7)change rear shock to shorter type fr phantom cost: $30 (used) 8)rewrap seat and cut cushion thinner cost: $30 9)change side stand to a shorter one fr phantom cost: $10 (used) 10)change mirrors to rectang
  6. hi guys i am new to the vintage and classic bike this my ride check it out when i got it,its a uncle bike http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j11/hatosan/biking/gn125/gn125b4.jpg after some hard work and money well spent,it look better now http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j11/hatosan/biking/gn125/P1070244.jpg http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j11/hatosan/biking/gn125/P1070243.jpg
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