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  1. Why u haven buy bike u ask about all this thing?
  2. We did went to the sbf event, we reach in the afternoon and leave on 0430pm. Our bike park at the scape carpark...we will be going on sun. Hope more r15 and r125 will be at killiney spc @0930am will be waiting there till 1000am. We will go as a group from there. Will meet u guys if we are still there.
  3. Haha so your one is the 2nd bike installed...
  4. RempitburnOut is a jerk n big liar! His gf Anne bought de bike for $14000 cash n nw he has ran away frm her. He's showing off what's nt frm his hard earned money n even dare to put another girl's name sticker on de bike. Nw she's sueing him to pay back!

  5. ur bike bought frm where?..

  6. I wanna join the outing but not R125 can or not??

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