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  1. Hi do you stay in northeast area?

  2. hie...y was i included in this pm??

  3. I didnt ask for much uh.. Juz custom design only.. U retiring?? Alamak.. Baru nak jinak2.. Tot u can be my guru.. Haha.. K7 1000?? 600? 750?? Mine k7 750.. Mine only reach 100 when moving in a traffic jam or traffic light very long.. Fan turn on @ 104.. Check ur coolant if it reach 100 easily.. If 1000, then im nt sure..
  4. Bro arab.. Im nt sure if my suit can arrive by end of july.. U guys nt cnfm which date goin huh??
  5. boots,glove and helmet all have already.. thx for the offer though.. waiting for my custom made suit to arrive..wohoo..this is so much fun..cant wait...!!!!
  6. K guys. Jus slipped in metzeler M5 earlier juz nw. Heard many ppl tell me to use this tyres... N thx Dr M for the review.. So now im juz a step away frm Pg.. Waiting for my suit.. Once i get mu suit then we all cn go together n teach me pointers on track...
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