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  1. Woah...this is a $200 markup on what is on eBay... Does this amount promise aftersales service, guarantee/warranty of fitment and condition under heat?
  2. KeMoZ

    bro... willing to let go ur front rim at 200?

    deal immediately... contact me at 90179123

  3. i think trying to play a bike game using normal controls is very hard... maybe we can loan BBDC's super4 simulator machine (together with the wind blowers), then play games like these and tourist trophy...heh heh heh...sure very shiok, i won't study liao! i think awhile back there was a newer bike simulator machine in the arcades...some manx tt game that was pretty good. graphics were ****, but the bike machine allowed u to put both feet on the footrests n lean the bike via foot-hand pressures and body lean. if only we cld link tt up with the new pc/ps3 bike games...
  4. ok not bad...at least got 10. thing is not all cbr9 riders come to this thread, or SBF for tt matter..
  5. sure thing! now sch is super busy...usually wake up in time for lessons only....shagged! will buzz u when wanna go
  6. seriously speaking, how many other cbr9 are there left in sg? very depressing...nobody likes classic bikes...
  7. sounds like a good deal leh, i think i "buy" a few more to sell also... haha joking lah, will help u "buy" if i go. (maybe i drink some alc to give dutch courage b4 i "buy" the mug)
  8. OK bro, thanks! yeah Happy CNY to all! HUAT ARH!
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