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  1. It's takes a level of understanding to know that there is nothing much to loss to show kindness on the road. But still there are minority and simply can't change their mentality. So do take care of yourself and keep a look out for smaller road user. Cheers
  2. Please don't say that . As rider, we can point out rule driving style, in return as driver, they can also point out our rule riding style too. The reason you got the fine can be from anyone and not exactly from the vehicle behind you in the same lane. Avoid cutting in from right, especially with RED right arrow. Reason due; 1) Rider may be moving and brake to STOP for turn right (RED arrow), causing slow down or e Brake to the moving lane behind on GREEN. 2) Rider cut Q into the right turn lane (Red Arrow), and bike rear obstructed the left lane traffic movement (half the bike in
  3. That I am not sure, best is to visit them to check if they do provide bike with side cart. For what I know, Ban Hock Hin do make side cart, but not sure if it's for ice cream type or retro type. Also try Carousell, just type "Sidecar" you will find used and more information
  4. @Yeoek Vespa look great with sidecar. You may call to check with Vespa Singapore or Mah Pte Ltd, if they are able to do it. I believe you are aware of the LTA requirement on side car. They need to be approved before it can be on the road.
  5. Just came back from Rifle Range, took a stroll into the open field & muddy path + watches the monkeys up close. Every week I just ride to different area. Trust me, if you enjoy nature and riding, than is allot of places you can ride to and knowing you are safe and just an hour away from home.
  6. There is no "Yes" or "No". It depend on the primary usage, maybe just part timing, should be fair enough. Consider the maintenance like insurance, fuel, spare parts and wear & tear. If the running cost is low, why not. In general it's up to the owner to consider the safety, maintenance and comfort level.
  7. Any photo of your plug? Having a brown carbon burned, black but not sooted on the electrode and thread is fine. Insulator nose turning carbon brown is fine too as its in the burning. (some may look as black, so photo of plug will be great). The main factor can be your fuel grade, what fuel grade are you using? Are you using the correct Spark Plug Number? The number play a part from cold to hot plug. Plug gap may also contribute but ... kind of hard to suggest.
  8. Personally I used 95 all the way. When ride is fine, no knock or misfire, no bad smell and when changing the plug it look good after 10k not too wet or too black. I will continue with what I used.
  9. There are many type of lock available. If your bike comes with handle lock and or main stand lock. You can look at disc brake lock which are common, small and portable. Do use a reminder band to attach from the lock to your throttle grip to remind yourself your disc brake lock is on. Unlock before you ride off to prevent damage to your fork or caliper. Others like lever lock also can, just slightly bigger. All this to prevent bike being push away. Some bike cover comes with end rings and can be secure with small pad lock. @DRZ_b0i & @TRI333PLE have also advised so security is your ba
  10. @TRI333PLE No choices, safety First, got to wait when both side is safe to open.
  11. It's safe in general, but no one know. As long as heading north, just bring one. Of course you can choose not to bring
  12. @snsd555 All you need to know about current case on Scooter Narcotics. Of course there are more in the social media site. If you are staying in the East try research AC Motor, Fuel Garage, Gusto.
  13. There you will see me pillion in than... ... ... and flat out.... fainted.
  14. @biting_point arh, now I get it, as I only know 2 version of it. Thanks for sharing
  15. Aiyo, Thought he only sell e-scooter. Haiz... if he did ... then hope the law will judge his doing.
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