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  1. hi may i ask where do monster riders repair/service/look for spare parts? any shops to recommend? thank you in advance.
  2. Dear all im sorry to interrupt again im posting on behalf of a friend, i have on hand a original Ducati monster 400 rear Showa shock. Used but in very good condition, was valuated by staff of Minerva (ducati agent) to cost at an estimate of ard $300-$400 will be letting go at $250....open to offers (higher or lower) just drop me a message or post your bid in the attached thread. Will let go when the price is right, thank you .... here: http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=147709
  3. hey thanx alot man..who is this ismail? can i have the contact? thanx
  4. hi sorry to hijack this thread but i got some questions; i have a friend that left a ducati monster rear showa shock with me..he went overseas and recently wanted me to help him sell the shock. may i know what is the price i can sell at? second hand relatively new... it looks like this...this is extracted online..the one i have looks much newer.. thank you
  5. since this is Harley forum..i guess its the best place to critic a flame job. anyway this is mine....
  6. oic....heheh oh no..im not a Harley Owner..well maybe later in my life. i do custom painting. juz checking out the local market. thanx!
  7. hi..sorrie to gatecrash...juz a little question. does anyone do custompainting for Harleys in singapore? thanx.
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