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  1. nope bike was intact haha! just back from doctor, just 1 injection and some antibodics haha!
  2. Morning guys...i hurt my right 3rd and 4th toe... Saturday night, while i park at a carpark area, it was abit of slope. so i had bit of difficulties while mounted on bike tried to move it forward. I decided to dismount push the bike..however, lost my balance the side stand landed on my 3rd and 4th toe. It slide its way down...So yeah was bleeding. Skin got tear off! however it was not that serious but still hurts. I think it's gonna take 3-4 weeks for it to complete Recover Ride safe guys! Imagine if it was Hayabusha, that's it! my bones will be factured for sure!
  3. Just gave my bike a shower for the first time haha! i felt proud and somehow a sense of satisfication! Going for mahjong in jurong. very far lol
  4. Yes. That is good. I have no idea how to wash a bike
  5. so darkdragon, u lived with the haywire speedo? till upgrade?
  6. @Shunpo, get a 2A haha @meow, Yeah initially, i thought my analog will be not working. don't know how they do it. Actually my speedo after they do the wiring. it became wierd. In the past, it when it reach 70 and above it will move between 70-80 and likewise when 80 it will move 80-90 so and this goes on. Now, whenever you start riding same problem occurs, but after some highspeed travelling. It will stabilise
  7. hmm...perhaps we acn try however, low speed is accurate, but as speed goes higher, the graph shows further and further apart. BUT! my analog meter is very very near to accurate to my HUD display though. wierd ya? at around 100, it stopped jumping and can stick with the 100. stupid meter... When it shows 100, my HUD shows + - 5 also
  8. EPIC sunrise video!!!! It's the best!!! Well done guys
  9. WOW! that's a whole lot of adventures for you in just for a day!
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