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  1. Nope not yet, still haven't found a bike to play with. Went to see the W400 but was told that it was sold off already. Bike still there collecting dust cos buyer no 2A license yet if not wrong.
  2. Hey bros, anyone interested to let go a vintage/classic? Do let me know, thanks in advance!
  3. Vintage bikes Meet Location: Kampong Glam Cafe, Bussorah street Time: 2100Hrs(9.00pm) Date: 08 April 2011 Bussorah street is very near to arab street, please refer to the map. We cannot go KFC anymore, no more free parking there. Long time never see and meet all the vintage bikes. Let meet and catch up a bit All bike and made are welcome. Do drop your name down if you can make it 1. 736cc-90682904 2. Phang – 98437734 3. Ris 4. jali 5. Just check my four cannot idle.....too long no ride.......will come down. 6. Me - sake650 7. Yian 9615 2000 8. Ian- 8268 1946
  4. hello all, am looking for vintage 2A bike to upgrade to. do let me know if you have one to let go! contactable at 82681946.
  5. hello, thanks for passing the word to me but am only able to ride class 2A bikes at the moment. if you know anyone selling vintage 2a bikes in any conditions, would be very interested!


    btw your inbox is full.



  6. Hello, noted on the rd350lc but classic street fighter is not for me though. haha. however taking over the restoration project sounds like a very good idea, only thing is that how much are you expecting for it? it seems like nobody wants to sell a cb350f, is everyone keeping it till its worth a lotttt or what?
  7. thanks for the great advice 736cc and swiftee! however knowing that these bikes are hard to find in Singapore, is there anywhere that you guys can suggest I start looking? i've tried SBF and SG bikes mart but no success with w400/cb400ss/cb350f/rd350. the only one i've managed to find is a rd350 LC, would that be a good platform bike or would it take too much time/work and money to make into a cafe racer/street tracker?
  8. hey, no i have not restored any vintage bikes before. wanted to get one to restore and change as much as possible to NEW so that it would be as good as buying a first hand bike. another reason would be being that i enjoy the process of something "coming back to life" hence the idea to restore. any suggestion in that case to use as a platform to customize into a street tracker/cafe racer? money wise i'm not too restricted (cos i still don't have a family and i have a long way to to) so am pretty willing to get a totally new engine and stuff like that if i have to but am not saying am gonna
  9. hey guys, was wondering if anyone was interested in selling a class 2A vintage (MINT or SCRAP condition)? if not then any suggestions where i can get a cb350 or an rd350 to restore? any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
  10. ahhh i see. how about the conversion of drum brakes to disc brakes? may you advice on where i can go to get that done?

  11. hey bro, i happen to chance upon a post that you posted with a rear-side view of your tw. i was wondering what pipe is that and where did you get it? i need to change my pipe due to heavy rust. will appreciate if you could help me up! :D

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