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  1. Honda Blackbird 1999 FI Model This bike needs no explanation. COE May 2019 Renewable Bike comes with the following accessories - Scorpion Exhaust (Street Legal) - Stock Exhaust - MRA Windshield - Aftermarket Windshield - Bagster Tankbra (Shiny type) - Bagster Tankbra (Matte Type) - PC3 - Hyperpro Rear Suspension - Hyperpro Fork Spring - Single Seater - Aftermarket Foldable Levers - Stock Levers Mileage 90k + Low mileage because of under utilization. Reason for sale, kept in Multi Story Carpark for the past 5 years. Only use it on Sat or Sun for short leisure ride about
  2. Hi Bro sujak,


    How much is the bro "Rabbit" charging for doing the LED meter?


    actually is not about which type of LED he is using, is the way he mount the LED is diff from mine. He mounted the LED "ON" the meter, mine is inside the meter (hence, have to take out the whole meter carefully, as it is very sensitive. thus, not many ppl wana do for analog meters= High risk of spoiling the meter). Note his yamaha logo is not lit up, mine is lit up... ^^


    As i am going to do up for some bros here, and they ask me about the charges, which i am not sure the market rate, as i dun wana overcharge. later ppl backstab me. haha

  3. yes bro.. I would love to meet up with fellow X1 riders and learn more about the bike. Each of us have our own strength and knowledge and if we share, we will benefit. Will try and organize a Sunday Bfast cum DIY cum Meet-up cum whateva we can think of.. thanks for the support bro...
  4. Dear Bros and Sis, Our fellow X1 Brother is kind enough to allow for a group order of his fabulous product "Ezzyoiler". The usual cost of the product is $40 (inc of installation) however, only for us, he is giving it $20 DIY kit. However, I will need a group of at least 5. If you are interested, please insert your name below with the same format. We will arrange for a date to pick-up and DIY together.. No worries, Mr KOH (ezzyoiler) will be around to supervise. But you must get your hands down and dirty.. hehehe.. Group Purchase of Ezzyyoiler e.g. NICK / Hp Number / Qty 1) Sujak / 9
  5. Ok bro let me try and gather the fellow X1 Riders and see if they want to get this ezzyoiler..
  6. alright bro.. will call you again.. anyway, are selling 2nd hand ezzyoiler as well?? i saw ur pmo and saw the trade in offer and thought maybe you have 2nd hand in stock.. or perhaps you can have an X1 Group Order...
  7. i think the one you bought is the heat wrap... Thats what racing enthusiasts do.. Click here for a better idea.. The one that I bought is the fibre replacement for the internal part of the exhaust.. So i dun think can use to wrap over the header.. since you have some balance.. mind selling me 2m.. hehehe..
  8. this is good info.. I recently bought an exhaust fibre (MFIZZ) from LAB.. it cost me $12... can i use it to wrap around my header? how do I secure it? Using cable tie?
  9. are referring to the exhaust fibre or heat wrap? mind showing a pic for a clearer picture..
  10. no worries bro, I went ahead with JK Bfast with a few kups this morning.. how to make our bike sound nice... change exhaust or mod ur exhaust..
  11. for a day ride.. you might want to go mersing, den back to ayer keroh, den to gunung ledang, den to senawang for arab rice.. den shoot all the way back to sg.. consult bro jbat or rezasmess... for a night ride, you can ask any crackos here for a 1 nite ride to KL (milf hunting) for a 2day crazy ride, contact bro stwb for Sg Touch and Go Hatyai... i hope Ive alerted you on the respective gurus of the NORTH...
  12. jus like we discussed bro.. we start from buying bread to buying thai sos.. haha..
  13. since participation rate is too low.. the morning breakfast has been cancelled... ..
  14. Anybody coming down for breakfast other than Jbat and me... JK Prata and Bean Curd Bfast 1) Sujak 2) Jbatracer 3) 4) 5)
  15. anybody coming down for tomorrows morning breakfast..? if no body is coming down, then I will jus cancel the whole outing...
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