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  1. hey.. where did you buy the P200?

    I think i kana chop liao.. bought 4K for P200 2008 @ UM.. **** man.. only consolation is that its newly painted..

    Engine idling sounds like problem.. side panel cannot open.. haiz.. going to UM tml afternoon..

  2. bro, do u know the bikeshop in woodlands where they do tyre balancing?

  3. Have some read through this article: http://www.quality-cycle.com/truth_about_motorcycle_chains.htm Also a non o-ring chain is 1/3rd the cost of an O-ring. How long do you think an O-Ring will last? I am sure a standard chain even without lubing at all will easily last 20k kms.
  4. Thanks, next time I will surely try K&N. Regarding workmanship, I had a pulsar before and I have done several things at Ah Boy for it, like change sprockets /chain, fit rear box, change fork oil. They have dont the job well on all 3 occasions even though the pulsar is not that common. In case of Phantom, they handle atleast 10 phantoms a day, I have no doubt on their workmanship
  5. Maybe the thread of the bolt or washer is damaged. Normally when the bolt is fine, you dont need to tighten it too much. But if it is not then need to really tighten it, which might damage the engine crank case. Now I dont think you can find a bolt and washer of the exact size. Since its from the drain bolt the leak is not going to get worse. So you have 2 choices: 1) Go to a shop and ask them to tighten it somemore. 2) Just carry extra bottles of any EO, ideally same grade, and keep topping it up regularly.
  6. Thats not very bad. You can live with it by just topping up everyday as long as it doesnt get worse. It certainly isn't the drain bolt. Because if it was from the drain bolt the oil patch would have been closer to the right part of the bike. That kind of an oil leak is difficult to diagonize. It could be from the oil seal from inside the sprocket cover area, or it could be from the left side crank case cover.
  7. Thanks bro. How is Planet in terms of prices? I dont want to get an O'ring or X'ring chain, just a std roller chain will do as long as it is 520. I researched on sprockets. The stock size is 13 front and 41 rear, so I guess I will go with either 14 front or 38 rear. I read somewhere that having bigger sprocket in the front is better than having a smaller sprocket in the rear, although effect is same, provided there is enough space in the front for a 14 tooth sprocket to fit. I was planning to just go to Ah Boy and do it for cheap like 40$. I dont intend to spend 130-150$ etc for it. Another
  8. @oren, I dont think its rock or anything. It could be due to some oil seal/gasket giving away due to the stress of the long ride. Did you ride continously above 8k RPM? How bad is the leak? If its like 1 drop every hour then it shouldn't be a problem, make sure you carry a spare bottle and top up regularly, untill you reach a bike shop. Try not to stress the engine too much, ride close to 7k RPM or lesser
  9. Tough decision, but why buy from shop? You can buy a 2004-05 phantom from the forum for 2.2-2.5k. Also the 2004 onwards models are the newer version, which look better. The badge on the tank looks cool, the round exhaust tip and also the thick fork look awesome. If your current bikes engine and gear box are in top notch condition then I wouldn't mind renewing COE. But if your engine or gear box would need overhaul very soon, which is quite likely considering its age, I would just scrap it and move on.
  10. Hey guys, I just bought an FY plate phantom the newer version. Previously, I owned a pulsar for 1yr 2 months and rarely filled petrol in Singapore. Always filled in JB. The 18 ltrs tank comes handy kekekekeke. Now Phantom with 12 ltrs tank no choice got to fill here. I read the manual and its compression ratio is just 9. So I feel RON 92 is more than enough for this bike. If compression ratio was 11 like CBR150 or Yamaha R15 it would need RON 95. So dont waste money on higher RON even though it is few cents more, its still waste, doesn't give any extra power or FC. Just my 2 cents,
  11. Thanks bros, just came back from LAB and bought an air filter for 10$ and an NGK nickel spark plug DPR8EA-9 for 3$ really cheap I need to change my sprocket and chain also. I checked with LAB and he said it starts from 40$. I dont need O-Ring or X-Ring. The std roller chain will do, I will just oil it every 500 kms will do. I need to know about the stock sprocket ratios for my phantom. Mine is the newer version 2004 FY plate. Can somebody tell me the stock sprocket sizes? Also I would like to reduce the gearing ratio a bit i.e. reduce the rear sprocket size so that cruising on highway is a
  12. Does anyone know of a place in SG where they sell second hand parts for phantom, maybe from scrapped bikes? I mean something equivalent to cash convertor but only for bikes. I need side boxes and also a crash bar.
  13. For my height 5'6'' both phantom and pulsar are fine. They are different riding styles. Pulsar you lean forward a bit, you feel like accelerating and overtaking everyone. Phantom is opposite. Its very relaxed and made for cruising, you wouldn't care who wants to overtake you. Just hog the road and feel like god My phantom has got those floor boards for rider and pillion, very comfy for cruising
  14. This is the pulsar that I had bought: http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/321319-CHEAP-CHEAP-PulSar-for-sale When I had bought it, it was 56,600 kms. In 2 months 9 days I rode about 3000 kms on it. The main reason for selling is not because of the small issues with the bike, but because I always wanted to own a phantom. I shifted from AMK to Pasir Ris, now my office is only 10 kms. Earlier it was 25 kms. Also AMK it was easier to go to JB to top up. From Pasir Ris its far, also my passport pages only 10 more remaining. If I have the pulsar I will feel like going to JB
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