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  1. bro interested in ur racing footrest. still available? my cntct no. 96583122 thnx2

  2. Yes there's a formula.. PM me your email address...
  3. If u want a suffix Y, then it's SGN123Y
  4. SGA123----R SGY123----P Above are valid vehicle numbers.. Valid Suffix in bold..
  5. Print out a short note from comPuter, make it sound like an official advisory notice and put on the bike. Confirm will jalan one. Tried and tested...
  6. Guess should be the latter.. K I'll lose some weight then.. Thks..
  7. Sell me just the disc and bracket can? Dun need the rims. Gimme a price..
  8. I have this same problem with my z.. Anybody care to share your knowledge bout this prob?
  9. Driving mannerism.... Should be summonable.... No points... I think..
  10. Just to add, the bike shOp that's holding your bike will not be able to scrap the bike.. It's not their's to scrap. Furthermore road tax got arrears.. The only thing they can do legally, is make a case and claim from you via legal means ie via lawyers and such.. And also to note, after a certain period of uncleared road tax, and LTA enforcement still cannot find ur bike, it will automatically be de-registered. If that happens, u can start posting in garage sales for spec 1 parts.. So the best thing u can do is, go to shop and try to come to an agreement amicably with regards to the outsta
  11. After a year of unpaid road tax, ur bike would be under wanted list by LTA. They will tow back the bike if they find it, irregardless if u owe the shop any money or not. Ur license would not be affected due to unpaid roadtax, unless u are caught riding while no road tax is in force. However, the road tax arrears need to be cleared before u can even think of doing anything to the bike, ie scrapping, lay up, selling etc.. By the third month of road tax expiry, there should already be a court case against u, the owner, and after almost a year of unpaid road tax, I assume that you have not been
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