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  1. Remind me not to take your advice.
  2. SG bike price too high, maybe would consider Malaysian bikes since most of my riding involves going there anyway, can use forever also. Riding in Spore seems to be only for posers, no good riding here without facing fines :slurp:.
  3. Kick the bike down....wait, that's too harsh, leave a note..if never change, report then... kick the bike down. Usually here, just push it somewhere if not handle locked. Bike cannot speed also put number plate like that, this one like act rebel only leh.
  4. Went to Hatyai bike week as a pillion, my 2B 2 stroke can maintain the speeds required...but the petrol, the vibration, the 2T...cannot la. Found Msian drivers to be more considerate than Singapore ones, on the highway that is, Thai ones as well, they don't horn at minor2 things, they don't really drive/ride fast when its not needed. Just my observation la.
  5. Just went Hatyai bikeweek, if you want weird, plenty there.
  6. Mine just didn't open or halfway. Cannot go more than 100km/h. That one sounds like valve open by gravity sia.
  7. Don't buy 2A la, straight go 2 if really want to not make any losses.
  8. Lying salesman, lying mechanic, 2nd hand bike will have problems but just how severe. Check brakes, clutch, ignition working or not, 2T pump(2 strokes), tank got leak, rims, brake rotor not warped, dented, bearings etc, brake calipers screwed on tight, fork got leak or not or whether they are straight. See meter working or not, not the most important thing because you'd likely to follow traffic flow instead of looking at the speedo. Engine part, you can listen to it and try to hear if there's something horribly wrong with it then open it up or you can open it up which is unlikely the shop
  9. 180km/h for a 4 stroke 250cc very good already but might as well get a CBR400.
  10. Jaywalkers, want to jaywalk don't like kangaroo kena spotlight la, see fast vehicle incoming gtfo.
  11. Wah lucky *******, if very narrow, even if I can go thru, I won't. MBS area dangerous, accident there before also, luckily I fly to the grass patch beside the road. 5yr COE is as good as killing the bike anyway lololol. Besides, turns are not good for lanesplitting, basically you can't really see ahead plus you're slightly leaning to where you're turning, somemore must judge whether can go through or not.
  12. Eh anyone do overhaul at Thailand before? Yesterday also saw this M in front of me, relaks2 ride then got blue car cut infront of him closely, then he chase after the car, can hear the throttle from far away sia. Anyone here?
  13. Hahaha, ride on dude, I saved my bike from utter destruction. Twice. I hope there's no third time.
  14. All those grocery cars carry family ones, uncles on kupchais are driving/riding fast, people on sportbikes riding relax, why ah? I see no reason to go through small roads at 100km/h because there's fkin traffic lights at every end.
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