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  1. are you *****'s fren? your display pic looks familiar..

  2. yup, diablo gixer is right on this. But i think Sara aka RaveSpeed, you can give the Singapore Indian Bikers a better deak by providing that extra mile service to their respective houses for free. But this just stays for us lar. How? Outside this thread don't get the offer la. How?
  3. 1. sibingai vote hanzi & amba 2. OhMiGosh vote hanzi (black) 3. RAKz vote Sapitos 4. ettaque vote hanzi & amba 5. Shawn vote Sapitos 6. Lamerfornica vote Sapitos 7. mich vote all 3 cuz all also nice. 8. nihaoma vote sapitos & hanzi 9. [email protected] vote all 3 10. yanani vote all 3 11. snakeman vote amba (white) 12. Barongan78 vote all 3 (any color will do) 13. non stop racing vote hanzi. 14. rein voted don know wat the design is. (white or black) 15. AR2 Performance vote All 3 is GREAT (black, followed by red) 16. HamsterZ voted Any design as long its black or red 17.
  4. Tires too warn out to go lar. no time to change them, maybe end of the month then i go + next month trackday.
  5. Amba, you still want those shoes? But after that you must buy me kopi everytime we meet up.
  6. My condolences to prem and his family. May his dad RIP.
  7. You should really try to keep a bike cos if you lay of the track for 1 year or so then your timing will all be gone.
  8. Hey amba, what the talk about you selling your R6. stop racing or track altogether? whats up bro.
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