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  1. Hi there bro... interested in your bike. Could you msg me the details at 93804145 ? thanks!

  2. if it is can you sms/call me at 93804145 as i'm looking for one quite urgently

  3. hi bro is you givi still available and is it able to fit two open face helmets?

  4. Urhh... Need help again. Hit my header while negotiating a carpark. Now there's a dent. What the best way to go about repairing it... Cut knock and weld back? Or does anyone here know of a scrapped xjr with an intact stock exhaust? Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks in advance fellow xjr-ers!
  5. Hey guys need help. Whenever I start my bike cold, the moment I put the shifter to 1st gear the bike jerks and stalls. Start up the bike again and the problem's gone. Had the clutch cable replaced and my clutch plates are still ok. Can anyone tell me what's wrong? Oh ride the 400 btw and mine's the 05 model. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi bro... I'm the owner of the helmet... Viewing can be done at bedok or if you can call/msgl me with the contact no given I can arrange a meeting at a convenient place for the both of us?

  7. Hi all... Just agreed to take over an '05 xjr400... Was wondering if anyone here knows any xjr-friendly mechs in the east area?
  8. boo! guess who?

  9. hi there, was wondering if your bike's still available?

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