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  1. sorry bro its Alexander Mark for fb....lol i forgot the other way around

  2. Nice dealing with u on my wife Ram3 n will come back to u for mine. Upz for the honest n sincere guy. Very knowledgeable on arai product too. Thumbs up for U bro
  3. dear kazuma

    appreciate your help. it does take time to create bond. but to produce fire to someone who have in no way disturb u is spoiling the sprirt of e forum. many ppl have pm me n offer their help n asked me to ignore motofreak, its jus sad to see all seniors leaving the thread or keeping everything pm, causing newbies like me to lose valued advice.

    i don wish newbie deter to asked a honest question thou it been post 4 yrs ago countless pages before. so i thought i shld stand up to him

    if u e bros here think by standing up to bullies or defending myself is wrong, i will remove all my posts

  4. bro jus curious how did u put the big pic of e fjr on e right hand side..looks nice..thanx

  5. bro, you sure can install for FJR1300 08 model, cos it have grip warmer, how is the damage
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