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  1. Heloo Mctan....nw all communicate via whatsapp chatgroup...no more active in this forum....outdated liao...hahahaha...
  2. Silver color....yup..belong to a malay abang...
  3. Wow.....sold the white one, bought it back and spray it to black....Huat Ah!!! Good luck for your sale....
  4. hi,do u have EBC brakepads FA088(Rear) and FA179(Front) for Yamaha Diversion 900?thanks!!

  5. hi bro,were u at KTM yesterday night??i think i saw u entering the carpark whereas i'm goin out....

  6. From the Yamaha Diversion900 Group,we would like to wish a Happy Lunar New Year to all Xjrers!!!
  7. hi fellow xjrers....sori to interrupt ur thread...i'm rudy from Team Diversion900,yesterday afternoon saw ur club chairman Mr Bull otr at changi north...wave at him but he juz speed off like a flying bullet(maybe he's late for work) but aniwae awesome bike dude!:thumb:
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