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  1. Woohoo.... back to SBF after away for 10 years never log in.

    Hello guys.

    Trust that everyone is fine.

    Heloo Mctan....nw all communicate via whatsapp chatgroup...no more active in this forum....outdated liao...hahahaha...

  2. Saw a magnificant D9 with a nice number plate yesterday morning at a MSCP of a market-cum-food center at Queenstown area.


    F* 30 K.


    Wonder if it was any one of you here. :)


    I couldn't help but to walk one round around the bike to admire it. hahaha...


    Silver color....yup..belong to a malay abang...

  3. Well, my white diversion sold, I do have another black diversion(TP accessories converted) for sale but at a higher premium of 19k, anyone keen, do PM me...


    Wow.....sold the white one, bought it back and spray it to black....Huat Ah!!! Good luck for your sale....

  4. Honestly guys I would not recommend u to go to that shop. No doubt that the price is quite cheap compare to the big boys but their after sales services really sucks.. if you think that price difference can make up for their shifty services then by all means do so.

  5. Posting on behalf of a friend.....


    Honda NC750 for sale registered on September 2014. Selling $16000 with full accessories, front and rear camera. Seldom use low mileage. Interested please call David yim at 91092920




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