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  1. hi u still ridding bike?

  2. I do not know you but I'm a former NUS grad.

    Saw your signature. Do wear protective or long sleeve jacket if possible. It hurts when bike falls even at low speed. Take care.

  3. i nono how to see leh. it is either 37 or 38 or 39. you every day tampines to tuas to tampines, very fast de. jiayou. haha. re-tuning you going into jb to do? nearly 1 year ago when i took my bike haha. ya lor desmond. i think the next thing he will install is air con. and a dome around his bike. lol! when the rpm reach 7 the bike like so loud like going to explode. when i tell my bf he laugh at me and say is like that one.
  4. i forgot what is my spracoakert size although i remember people telling me it is more for distance. how are you? married liao then disappear sia.
  5. why my one is an innovative bike! haha. desmond's one should be because his bike is like a house, everything also have! btw, if my bike no power at top end, what are the things i can do to improve it? thank you thank you in advance.
  6. To Register, Do this: 1. PM me your SBF Nick Name, Full Name, Email, Years of Riding Experience, Model of Bike Riding Currently Handphone 2. Put in your SBF Nickname below. Class size is limited. We will stop registeration once we hit capacity. Registered Attendees ================ 1. Yappy 2. Weian (Ducati) 3. Xavw (FZ150) 4. Flareon (FJR) 5. CSV (Phantom 200) 6. lnfinity (KRR)
  7. Yup I didn't buy from artpark.. Haha
  8. The new road got 3 junctions: 1. First right turn / coming back left turn 2. filter lane / coming back right turn 3. Uturn At 1st junction, 1st right turn and coming back left turn, queue a single row. Uturn and coming back right turn queue 2 row, right left right left. All right turns must go out 2 bikes, not side by side but front and back. After pedestrian crossing at filter lane is 1 row, keep center so the car won't squeeze in and sabo you. Go straight / turn left queue left right left right Turning right then queue right left right left. Remember to also queue according to the
  9. Wah. Not A4 la. Very big leh! Just a small white paper. I passed yesterday. Finally. But I have a very funny problem. I passed my class3 on the 28dec2010 then I buy the card. They say will mail to my house but I haven't receive. I go to the counter, the aunty tell me to take the card then come back. Don't even wanna give me the temporary license slip. I call the ntuc and ask them can check the TP record, they say I no license in the record. -.- where got like that one sia. I wanna bring my bike go scape one loh. No need to go already.
  10. infinity sis! you stay which area?

    saw a kr female rider on the road damn COOL.

    btw you ride kr one right?

  11. Hi, i think i kind of saw you just now? Hahaha and do you ride to school? (:

  12. CBF150 outlook... *faint* suitable for BBDC only.. lol

  13. Hello! I just saw your message. :)

    thank you for all that info! Hmm. I won't know what suits me until I get on and try. Haha. Well I guess it's too early to talk about it too since I'm only at pract5..

  14. Hey there.


    Dunno if you saw my message on the NUS thread. I'm a CBF rider coming to about 18months now. Hmmm, if you wanna ride with the NUS riders I would recommend a CBR150 instead. This is purely due to speed issues. (sometimes they say will ride at 90 but then they go like 100-110). The CBF will easily get left behind especially by the super4 and bigger bikes.


    As a CBF150 rider, I find it's a good commuting bike due to good Fuel Consumption, and it's rather close in terms of feel to the learning bikes (more for BBDC and SSDC which use CB125) so handling-wise it's very familiar. CDC uses YBR... So might be slightly different.


    Do check out the different types of bikes first prior to buying. But more importantly the type of bike that suits YOU, coz your comfort in handling the bikes is what matters most.



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