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  1. Help me plz!I am a student from Singapore polytechnic and i am trying to do my final year project by surveying some motorcyclist for information about motorcycle grooming! may i have your kind help to do our survey? i currently only need 20 more responses to get the work done! tytyty a lot for your kind attention!!!


    here is the link for the survey



    Plz ask your friend to help me if possible because im really struggling to find any bikers in Singapore. :bow::bow::bow:

  2. Hi there, I would like to enquire if your Vespa GTV 250 is still avail? If yes, could you kindly drop me a sms on 9066 3857 please? As i always have connectivity issues with this forum and its a miracle that I can even send you this msg, after q few attempts. Sincere thanks, Edmund (90663857) - FYI, I am a sincere buyer! THanks :)

  3. Hi there pal, u sell exhaust wrap for TW? Dont mind give me the rates? Am interested in getting. Pls drop me a msg if you dont mind at 90663857. Cheers!!

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