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  1. as much as we love motorcyles, I have given up taking loan . its best keep money then buy . many heart break unless, we earn 3 x our salary or more
  2. u can contact botak from wonderful motors at 96936520. Normally for us, we visit wonderful motor for repair.... Botak is have the knowledge of X9 and scooters. My X9 have always been serviced and maintain by him.. With all stock parts, i have reach top of 143km/h and visited thailand a couple of times without overhalt of engine before. 1 down side about him is the stock of goods.... sometime he need to go town to collect the parts.... i pick this up from previous discussion from x9 forum. i would advise you to read through this forum. see if some of the problem matches yours. Wonderf
  3. ok here my prob, my bike now have this problem.. sometimes during cruising bike will lose power till engine stall. After a few crank normally ok.. what is the problem? Bike engine stall at expressway is no joke Few things may cause this happen > 1. Carb manifold break 2. carb dirty 3. Fuel filter dirty 4. spark cap loss 5. Cyclinder head too much carbon cause lose of compressions
  4. good luck on the inspection. reminds me of an article i read a few days ago. gurmit singh riding a phantom. he should give you a call
  5. I HAVE HAD 5 x9 . 3 x9 200cc and 2 x9 500cc. its a fun scooter to ride. the 200cc has lots of funny issues and the different mechanic will inform you of many problems. if you look through the x9 forum you will see many solution to many problems but 1 name will stick out. Botak. see if he can help you
  6. which shop did you go? if you are staying at Bukit Batok, future scootering are good at piaggio x9. this has been discussed many times long ago in x9 forum.
  7. https://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-161892.html
  8. bikebulance : 64255333 bikebulance ? i got their name card and it wrote local & west malaysia towing services* lao uncle 05-08-2008, 08:54 PM During the recent bike festival held near kallang leisure mall, one of towing company call bikebulance had a towing truck there. The head of the team say that they offer towing service from Malaysia to Singapore. The cost is rather stiff and it best to prepare your bike before you travel up North. In the event that there is a breakdown, try to tow it to a nearby shop for repair, it will be very much cheaper for you if you can get it done.
  9. https://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-229956.html
  10. Hi . Sorry . to hear about the problem. Singaporbikes forum is almost dead and you may not get your answer. first of all, call LTA. the people there will tell you what to do if you really decide to scrap the bike. how many years coe left? if left many years to go than its really good to scrap it. the high chance is you dont repair. just get a Malaysian towing company to tow to JB then get a singapore tower to get in singapore. if the bike is not recoverable, get the engine out, and show to LTA the engine as thats what they want to see. Thats my reading some of SBF riders who talked about t
  11. Assalam mualaikum Fir, I am very sorry to hear of your misfortune. After reading many of your adventures, I was wondering where you were. I hope you are better now. Auto scooter is my main thrill nowadays too. I pray you take care of yourself nowadays. Dont care about all those big bikes. Ride for fun and marketing and work. Bismillah before riding. MR BIKER
  12. i hope its the correct remedy. mind you, the comment i picked up was from a forumer (tooned ) from 2014 who had the similar problem. you need to go way back to see
  13. I hope you can read some of the previous comment. if not see if this helps : hi all! i've been riding a black fuoco since 2012. only now that i chance upon this thread. any meet ups recently? read about some facing the stalling problem. it seems i had that issue too. initially ADH kept saying that the air filter was dirty so they cleaned it but the problem would come back again. mine stalled at random times. it could be at the expressways, normal roads or traffic light. it wasn't until the 4th time i brought it back for the same problem that they changed the engine cutoff switch which was
  14. sad to say, no more new, off the box silverwing. best option look for the last one bought by fellow riders. i may be wrong. i have seen SWT 400 FBJ plate. i am really enjoying my sw which i bought 7 months ago but it is the older model. i like the newer model sound but i still prefer the old model bec its light is singular . good luck in locating your scoot.
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