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  1. Hi all, New Xmax 400 owner bought 2nd hand. Could anyone recommend where to get spare parts for this scooter? Particularly the drive belt, rollers, sliders and other frequently replacement parts please? I know there is aftermarket brands like Malossi agent in Singapore.. but looking at original Yamaha parts. I heard this Xmax400 is using same parts for Yamaha Majesty 400 for its engine and hence can use. Thank you very much in advance.
  2. hey bro... you failed your inspection earlier bcos of LED light? I think i may be in same situation as you also. Ex-owner also heavily mod the bike so now i may have problems on which mod will likely fail. I just bought the bike only 1 month ago and i am not familiar with this bike at all so would you be kind enough to share your experiences? Dylan 90025005

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