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  1. Hey, Yes, I finally managed to find one, and convince my wife to allow me to buy it. The stars alligned... Only trouble is, I'm still doing my 2A... Gave up last time back in 2012 after I was refused by office of domestic affairs... I guess this time I'd better pass soon... it's hard looking at the bike and not being able to ride it! Anyone know what exhausts are road legal for the RD350LC... mine has stock pipes on it for now, but I worry about the future since they don't make them anymore.
  2. Time to resurrect this thread. I have just put a deposit down on an RD350LC 1982. As you might imagine, I have a ton of questions... Anyone around still riding regularly? I'd love to meetup to discuss where to find spares... what options (I know hardly any) there are for exhaust etc. Now I just need to (finally) get my 2A license! Cheers folks.
  3. nope px 150 and px200 have different (although similar) exhausts.
  4. Hey...


    Pretty normal...


    You can wash the engine with some degreaser... then try and see where the oil is dripping from... if it's out the the carb box, that's fine... elsewhere... not so good...

  5. Hi sharpey,


    im a fellow vespa rider , who is new, just a month old.


    i jus wanna ask you, having oil dripping out from my engine to the floor , is it normal ??

    *mine has racing bloc.


    Blur Vespa Rider,


  6. Alternatively, jump start from someone elses scoot....
  7. Oh well... then charge that battery up... Dumb to have a kickstart that doesn't work!
  8. Dody ignition... have the workshop take a look at it...
  9. me no have good engine knowledge... me computer mechanic only lah! We should do another meetup for DIY maintenance... I think in a couple of years there might be a couple more shops that aim at performance tuning classic vespas... afterall, with the Changi F3000 circuit coming in 2011, there's going to have to be some scooter racing right?
  10. wilsonbb what model and year scoot do you have?
  11. cafebleu... what jet is in there currentlly? Upjet to be safe...
  12. the kickstart doesn't need a battery to work... Is there fuel in the tank? Is there a spark going to the spark plug? You should be able to kickstart a scoot with a flat battery...
  13. Can't you get it welded at a machinery/engineering shop? Take your pick... there are thousands... Shouldn't cost you more than $15 either...
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