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  1. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_tLzcraJGKWs/TLw7KL_hBXI/AAAAAAAAABk/AxVll_vZhdQ/s1600/sunflower_motor_bike-590x442.jpg The sunflower bike that some of you are talking about. Interesting...
  2. Total fuel capacity is 18L, including the 3.4litres of reserve. Based on the riding style and other minor factors, you can expect a 14-16km/litre. Sometimes I hit 16.5km/l, sometimes low as 14km/l, in Singapore. The fuel gauge, you will need to ride for a few minutes for it to give you the real, actual reading, esp when it is on the side stand when you first started up the bike. Other than the thirst, nice bike, this one.
  3. Hi guys, Seems my Spy alarm siren got the same problem. The usual chirp of the alarm is now a creak, haha... Anyway to buy the replacement siren, or got to replace the whole unit? Please advise. Thanks!
  4. If your lesson is in the afternoon, you will be baked with the start-stop 'traffic' in the circuit with a riding jacket and non flip up FF. Probably you can go with a normal helmet (open or flipup), gloves and a pair of riding boots. Enough for the somewhat controlled circuit/ environment. I find boots useful and convenient, becos it offers better grip and traction, esp when it rains sometimes during lesson/s. Once you passed, get a better helmet and the riding jacket. And throw away the open face helmet. (For myself, I ride everyday with FF, armoured jacket, gloves and riding boot
  5. And for what does anyone with a right mind wants to use a combat helmet for riding a motorcycle? That helmet looks ok with a No.4 but looks plain stupid with a motorcycle.
  6. Nothing as extreme as the incidents listed by you guys here. But what pisses me off is discovering a half eaten kueh, or mee goreng, or rice...etc rained all over the bike in the morning when going to work. WTF man...woes of parking at a open air carpark.
  7. If weather bothers you, then try a flip up. Dont go for those too cheapo one. They are cheap for a reason. Of course, just make sure all the helmet linings can be washed.
  8. hmm...I tot spark plugs will be changed during full service instead? Normal Svc shd be just E.O. + Oil Filter. Full Svc E.O. + Oil + Air + Coolant Intervals shd be Normal -Normal - Full as with most bikes?
  9. er...how do you define Gen 1 and Gen 2 for FZS1000? Thx.
  10. The best is when Vixer climbed up the hose after finish washing.
  11. Actaully, shd do the sums before buying. There are quite of lot of bikes on sale at the Garage, one look at the selling conditions, we will know that it is a hasty buy, in the end have to sell at high prices. No prizes, many unsold. Do your sums b4 u commit to a new bike. If cannot afford, then save up 1st. The bike is always there.
  12. I m referring to the mileage actually, not time. Someone mentioned 6000miles, which seems rather short to me. So I am interested in finding how how are you guys faring. My average mileage is 60km a day. Any links to the tyre threads? Thanks.
  13. 14km/L is very xiong man!!!!!!!!!! Like car liao. I riding the FZS1000, the carb model and the mileage should be ard 17-20. FZ600 shd fare slightly better. 14km/L. U always cheong?! Most of my riding is on the expressways. so maybe that will explain abit. But half the time, I carry pillion and I got a box on, so my Fuel Consumption shd actually be better. My FC ranges actually from 17.5-19km.
  14. I used to be a S-man. Version S man, I meant. Switched to Fazer 1K a few weeks back. Yahoo!!!!! (sums it up) The main thing to me is that my old ah peh Ver S very thrifty, return me 25km for every litre. Now Fazer thirsty, 18km per L, and I dun speed. Other than that, everything's cool. Used to think 1000cc too much, but now I think 400cc way too little. Thanks for the memories Super 4 Ver S. But it's time top move on, and so should you. That's wat CL2 is for right? The old birds here, how long your tires last? I am using Bridgestone Battala
  15. I used to think this way also. Until I got my Cl2 bike, guess I move off alot faster from the traffic lights compared to my older, smaller cc rides. A bit asthmatic, my old ah-peh bikes. Comparatively, the time to retract the landing gear a.k.a. left leg seems alot slower as the moving speed is alot faster. But definitely fully retracted "landing gear" within 10 metres or less.
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