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  1. ok guys, i'm going for class liao. enjoy ur day and take care!! :smile:
  2. well, to each it's own ba. u're going for ultimate savings. Richard is willing to trade RM6 for ease of travel.
  3. wah u conveniently leave out my xiao huang.
  4. soon Encik will start a love for driving thread.
  5. it's really not that bad actually if u go by the biometric thinggie, saves u quite some time. but well, since we at cck and boon lay area, it makes more sense to go 2nd link lah.
  6. u missed ur childhood days ah? well, u can always go mac or kfc eat minus ronald and the big chicken.
  7. pun yen king!! at least goldwing sounds very tamed and elegant, if it's a 1.8L harley, my gosh, my ear drums will explode!!
  8. cuz hor, on SBF, got quite a few cases ppl do it this way, others sign new line, they offer to buy phone. so i thought u were serious. i thought of getting new phone cuz my trusty old K750i is about 3 or 4 years old this year liao. i scared it's gonna die soon.
  9. u tell me the bike how big, then i'll prepare a pocket big enough for it and sew it onto my jeans.
  10. coming soon, 6 more days to go. my pocket bike how? :cheeky:
  11. last time i went 1st link pump with a friend riding goldwing also, i queue up behind him very shiok, the path sure clear one. but hor, the goldwing exhaust i smell le i become
  12. hee, dun think so bro. i also wan to get new phone by this weekend, give myself birthday present.
  13. ozzarhomb


    anyone using this phone? reviews seemed not bad and it's selling for $98 with 2 year contract. comes with wi-fi too.
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