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  1. Can get online but a bit pricey.

    I got from Naps Japan large chain outlet that having sales about $18,000 yen that come about less than $220.00 singdollars.


    The sad part is that they do not have stock for white colour I wanted, they only left with glossy black and this last red on displayed for XL size.

  2. Bike:

    Honda CRF250L



    Not to fast neither not to slow

    Not to heavy on the road neither not to light on trail

    Sip fuel like infant 33-35km/litre but frequent visits petrol stations (small tank)

    Fat foot pegs

    Nothing to change everything works perfectly


    2 bar across in fuel tank inlet design to squirt petrol into your eyes when you accidently pump at full blast..

    Seat a little to short for pillion

  3. Hi There,

    Clearing store thus have 3 classical guitars for sale.


    Pic 1) Synchroniam 3/4 size 6 nylon string guitar c/w bag

    Condition 8/10 (for primary school children) Selling @ $40.00


    Pic 2) Sonare SG-15 full size 6 nylon string guitar c/w bag

    Condition 9/10 (bag abit torn) Selling @ $100.00


    Pic 3) Fina FC-501M full size 6 nylon string guitar c/w bag

    Condition 9/10 Selling @ $60.00


    View @ Pasir Ris area. Do call me @ 97343231_DSC2682.jpg_DSC2683.jpg_DSC2684.jpg

  4. The grass is always greener on the other side....


    Rode a scooter and was happy for about 2 years. So easy twist and go without worry about space.

    But later crave for more power and speed plus money spend changing belts for every 10km interval...


    On the other hand, bought a dirt bike with lots of power and decent speed but miss the storage and the ride without changing gears...


    Trust me it will go on and on and on like this.. Just grab the opportunity on which bike that come on your way and enjoy it first..

    Sometimes you got to listen to your heart rather than your mind...if you know what i mean...Be happy of what you have....

  5. Is there such a thing "dyno" to run in your bike?


    For me "running in" your bike is to get to know your bike better. Is a kinda of relationship with your bike.. it's very personal thing you own.

    Running in does not only involve the engine and gear box, but every things like brakes, clutch, bearings tyres and even your seat! And not forgetting yourself ..running in your self to your bike.


    What will your bike behave if you do this and that... that kind of staff you must take into account seriously..


    So enjoy yourself with your bike, get to know your bike better and not to abuse it.


    Just my 2 cents.

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