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  1. Expected question everywhere. No got commission, no quota. How then do they make sure the enforcement is done. One way is that the ugly device records everything we do. What time we come into the carpark, how many cars we scan, etc. One other is, randomly, an "auditor" scans the carpark before we're scheduled to come in and returns later on to see if we enforce on the illegal parkings if it was still around. If we didn't, we're answerable to it. It's just easier to do my job decently. FYI, the wardens can also get fined if they summon wrongly. For example I once put the vehicle type wrongly a
  2. True, on the road only. Sometimes though there is one or two bike parked on top of the curb just beside the bike lots because the lots are full, you know what I mean? I've issued summon for it before for parking outside a parking lot since got no season and no coupon on the bike. If got coupon, I leave it, nothing obstructing about it, they meant to park in order, lots filled also. That's like the only exception. Yup must check.
  3. The neighborhood HDB kind only. Ask me anything, I'll answer what I know. I'm just tired of HDB's enforcement procedures and the attitudes of some motorists, so I thought I might share something from both sides. I think they should include a quick lesson on parking rules and offenses when getting a motor license, a lot of people still confused about it. I think those electronic barriers should be installed everywhere also, makes everyone's job easier.
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