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  1. hmmm 1 bottle $10. After all its designed by yamaha, for yamaha engine, it can't be that bad right? Youtube will show you how they research bla bla bla. LOL. After all, Yamaha is a reputable company. I still new with bike stuff so i don't dare to anyhow feed my bike ... =x
  2. If they don't bring in, most likely Loois motor will, and the prices will be freaking high cuz they r the only importers. Considering the no. Of super4 riders in Sg, there should be a potential for a change.. Provided the prices is right??
  3. I don't measure the mileage but I know my Full tank can run for 2 wks consecutive from east side to joo Koon everyday. And the diesel cost abt $60+ for full tank
  4. Anyone wanna buy? Lol can sell off cheap cheap. 4 bottles use until u happy. Lol
  5. Anyone has any reviews on Yamalube? Its for 4 stroke, semi synthetic by yamaha. Won it at SBF anniversary. Is it better than average engine oil?? I gt 4 bottles...
  6. the pics are there man! currently

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