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  1. Hi 2014 z1000 rider here.. Picked up biking again. Keen to join group.
  2. hi guys i juz got a 2nd hand 695 ..where can i get a carbon rear hugger ? anyone selling?
  3. my hse ard holland area.... 1st time happen to my bike after parking at same place for 3 yrs.. sad...btw its not under sit exhaust its rite side exhaust..
  4. hi my legal carbon arrow sllip on exhaust n ermax carbon printed radiator fenders n mirrors from my fz1n have been stolen form my hse mscp , anyone saw or suspect of having these item and saw posting for sale pls contact me immediately or sms me at 98569478. thanks..a police report have been made but to no avail yet.
  5. Hi all anyone know where to knock back tank to shape best? can get as close as oringinal shape? tank is fazer .
  6. I found this data by yamaha on the internet...06 fazer = 14.25km /L of petrol... http://www.viamichelin.com/viamichelin/gbr...a-FZ1-fazer.htm "True to the Fazer concept, the new 1,000 cc version is closely derived from a superbike, the Yamaha R1. However, this half-faired street bike is comfortable and easygoing enough to envisage use on a daily basis or long journeys. Less comfortable than the previous version, the new Fazer 1000 offers extremely precise road holding. A much sportier definition Using practically the same engine and chassis as the 2004 model R1, the new Yamaha FZ1 Fazer possesses all the attributes of a modern sports motorcycle. Its looks - much more aggressive than the old version - are immaculate, with an impressive gold coloured upside-down fork, a splendid die-cast aluminium frame (anodised blue on silver) and an original compact exhaust silencer... As ever with Yamaha, the care taken over the tiniest details commands admiration. Of course, with such equipment, the new Fazer's handling clearly supplants that of its precursor. With much sharper road holding, it places itself instinctively on the trajectory and offers a perfect compromise between stability and agility. Overall efficiency on the road even outdoes the R1, which proves much more demanding with respect to the skills of its rider. The Fazer's high handlebar makes for a natural riding position that is easy to get to grips with and pleasant for riding in built-up areas. Relatively easy to handle in heavy traffic, the Fazer 1000 suffers only as a result of its 190-mm rear tyre, which demands a certain effort on the handlebar to make it turn at slow speeds. The braking system, taken from the R1, is not assisted, even as an option. This is easy to do without considering the quality of the system, with progressiveness and perfect feeling at the front. But versatility is preserved Although you have to admit that the old version of the Fazer 1000 was more comfortable over long distances, the qualities of the new one are far from dreadful. Admittedly the seat is a little too hard and taller riders' legs are too bent, but the suspension takes big impacts very well and irons out small irregularities well enough. The available settings will also make it possible to adjust its reactions according to the rider's preferences. The protection offered by the half fairing is identical to that of the old version. Comfort The new Fazer 1000 is less well suited to carrying a passenger, since they have to make do with a narrow seat and very high footrests. In short, although the comfort of the Fazer 1000 is nothing like that of a sports bike, its qualities in this respect are not on a par with a Grand Tourer either. Nevertheless, in the Sport-GT segment, notably compared to a Honda VFR 800, the Fazer 1000 has nothing to be ashamed of in the treatment it metes out to its rider. The R1's four-cylinder engine The Fazer 1000's motorisation is identical to that of the R1. Just a few details on this extremely high-performance engine (five valves per cylinder, exhaust valve.) have been modified to offer more torque at low and mid revs (camshaft, compression rate, increased crankshaft inertia.). Electronic injection replaces the carburettors of the old version, thereby satisfying Euro 3 emissions standards. Smooth and very flexible, this big four-cylinder engine offers remarkable riding pleasure from the lowest revs. When passing through villages at 50 kph (30 mph), it is possible to stay in sixth gear and forget about the gearbox, which is nevertheless very precise and well assisted by a smooth clutch. This very favourable picture is marred only by noticeable and unpleasant jolts, which occur at each burst of the throttle. A problem most probably due to injection, which could be corrected at the factory. The output is delivered in rather linear fashion on the French version, which is limited to 106 hp - more than enough considering the current repressive context. No doubt it's another story with the European version, which delivers 150 hp! Original offer Insofar as current superbikes have practically become reserved for use on circuits, Yamaha has understood the interest of offering road versions capable of giving pleasure at legal speeds, without suffering the disadvantages. The new Fazer 1000 fits the bill perfectly and shows itself to be one of the most sophisticated Sport-GT motorcycles of the moment. Technical data Engine: liquid-cooled, in-line 4-cylinder, 998 cc, 20 valves Fuel supply: electronic injection Output: 150 hp at 11,000 rpm (France: 106 hp at 10,000 rpm) Torque: 10.8 kg-m at 8,000 rpm Gearbox: 6 speed Final transmission: chain Frame: die-cast aluminium Suspension: Front: adjustable upside-down fork Æ 43 mm; Rear: adjustable single shock absorber Brakes: Front: dual disc, 320 mm, 4-piston callipers; Rear: single disc, 245 mm, two-piston calliper Front tyre: 120/70 ZR 17; Rear: 190/50 x 17 Fuel tank capacity: 18 litres Seat height: 800 mm Dry weight: 204 kg Practical: Colours: red, blue or silver Warranty: 2 years parts and labour Web site: http://www.yamaha-motor.co.uk Price: £7,599 Availability: immediate Place of manufacture: Japan Polluting emissions: Euro 3 Average fuel consumption: 7 l/100 km Average fuel range: 200 km (124 miles) before reserve "
  7. the blinking is a warning of low fuel...usually i juz top up when the last segment of fuel blinking...from my knowlegde it's 4L reserve fuel which can last u for about another 60 km or so b4 empty...usually after running mine only hits ard 220-240km befor enters reserve if travel on highway most of the time..btw yrs is a fairing or naked?
  8. Thanks guys for all yr patience n help during my 1st touring trip with all of you...thou i fell but great fun n experience...
  9. thanks guys for the info...any of u had a pc on thier fazer? if u do any difference on milage?
  10. so 18l tank is including the reserve of 4.4l? tat means 240km is b4 the reserve? anyway to tune it better?
  11. hmm so the 18l tank in total is including the 4.4l reserve? tat means b4 reserve max can hit 24okm only?
  12. sorry but wat u mean by the light lits up when hit resevre? i have been keeping track of my milage and so far every full tanks only gives me 240 max... mine dun haf any light to tell tat it hits reserve..all the meter do is blink and change the A-trip to F-trip which i duno wtf is tat..haha...and ya the warranty is still there.
  13. but how come mine only hit 220km start to blink at reserve liao?i run in 2000km doesn't seems to improve the milage leh...reserve is when the meter becomes F-trip rite? i juz changed my brake hose to venhill and it's workign gd so far...change it at speed way 2 front 1 rear at $170..
  14. tat's after 3000km run in rite? so total milage on a 18l tank shoud go ard 300km?
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