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  1. hello, thanks for the reminder. Will tyre bearing be replaced when you change the tyre? I'm not so sure what is it actually.. haha

  2. Hi qeith, ya that's me.. haha. Are you riding the M4 with termis? I was quite excited when i saw another Monster in NUS. Haha. Drop me a msg or sth we could do lunch together.. 9785 4055 See ya
  3. hey guys, anybody out there with a spare left mirror for 696/796/1100? Possibly some of you had aftermarkets installed and have got a spare one lying somewhere.. I broke mine going against a bus.. probably screwed a little too tight.. haha I'm open to aftermarket ones if anybody's dekitting so please drop me a message or call me at 9785 4055. Thank you! Stanley
  4. got a july 2008 ducati monster 696. mileage 8k plus. [email protected] contact me if you're intersted.

  5. I have a question i can't find answers to on the internet. Are ducatis also called dukes? I thought they are called ducs?
  6. Can i know what this dynojet will do? Is it expensive too? Any 696 riders tried it our yet? haha, thanks!
  7. I've been to raymond from Bike harbour at eunos ave 4 to fix up a pair of stebel horn and as you guys have mentioned, he's a fantastic nice old man. So here's his number once again 96824277. You'll see it on the left hand side going down eunos ave 4 which is near Singpost @ paya lebar.
  8. Ok thanks. I'm riding like a nube now, so bloody obvious to any biker who observes. Right turn ahead, accelerate, 20m before turn, slow down to 30kmh.. haha
  9. Nice.. thank you! Still learning to handle properly, not too willing to bring it down too low in corners yet, but certain she will be capable of it.. Look forward to join some kinda riding session you guys sometimes go on..
  10. Just got off my 696, broke out into a sweat. This entry level ducati is maniac. But somebody please tell me first gear is lurchy and it's normal? Aalso Do you guys drag gear 2 alot? It's lurchy too if i change up too early, seems like should maintain at least rpm 4000..Is it so? Thanks!!
  11. hi guys, how much raunchier is the termis? You tube videos aren't very helpful.. haha
  12. wow, big bore kit? Is it safe to do? How about the annual inspection? I haven't even ridden my 696 but already tempted by this option. Wonder how much more performance it will give..
  13. Hey qeith, your post seem to suggest you own a vespa and a ducati too? AND you are studying at NUS now? I'm from arts and riding the white GTS300, haha.. I didn't notice any ducati in school before.. Will keep a look out now..
  14. Haha, ya it's at the work shop but i don't know what would be necessary to put it in "proper condition", so gotta try my luck and ask the mechanic at the shop to start it now and then.. Anyway, I was at the lights next to a stunning white RC8 (with a brunette male just in case some of you might know him..) and watched with envy as he sped away very very f*ing quickly from the lights while I trailed on my Vespa GTS300. Is there any chance the Monster 696 could keep up at least till 100kmh? Just a question to the riders out there on this bike long enough to have maybe raced from the lights wi
  15. thanks for the comments.. The bike's been laid up for the time being. Can't wait to ride it! Do share your Monster experiences with me if you like to. I am totally new to Ducati, and my first 'real' bike considering both my previous and current rides were Vespa, albeit modern ones.
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