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  1. Hi Tony,


    How much to repair spec1 LCD? And do you repair IU unit display as well? Both same case, alrd faded. Thanks.


    Whatsapp : 96783421

  2. Hey there, interested in your throttle grip. How to order? Thanks.

  3. Hey fila.. i did it my self. Very easy to install. Just need to drill one hole to fit the switches so they don't slide around the bar.

  4. Hi bro, just bought my handlebar. Yours you fix yourself on your s4 is it or go shop? Thanks. :)

  5. Bro, just wanna ask, what EO you use to lube your chain? Thanks.

  6. Hey desewer, just wanna ask you, im riding an S4. What engine oil I could use to lube my chain? Thanks.

  7. Hey there, do you have any idea why the hjc seller guy nvr reply? I already txted and whatsapped him but to no avail. I'm just curious though cause you were the last one that dealt w him. Scared maybe he went overseas or what lol. Thanks :)

  8. How much for engine ice coolant flush? (cb400 vtec 1)

  9. Hey, about the LCD thing, he told me its 70bucks. I haven't had the chance to go as i'm busy these few weeks. So can't share how its like.

  10. Hey there, do you still do paintwork for motorbike? Thanks.

  11. Sorry i think you ask the wrong person

  12. Hey there, was just wondering how did you do your ta200 tank, where and how much? Thanks.

  13. Hey there, your phantom still available? really interested.

  14. Hey there, your phantom still available? really interested.

  15. Hey there,


    Can you quote for me the price OTR of an R15 for a 19 year old p-plate, 2nd party insurance, 4-5 years installment and also minimum downpayment. Thanks.


    Can text me at 96783421.(sms only) Thanks.

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