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  1. For sale: FBC2277R - $ Offer (contact 9049 8080)
  2. Keen to swop with FZ1, coe dec 2028, top up from your side? Paper now also 3+k.
  3. Bike Sold! Mods pls close thread. Thank you!
  4. Yes I agree. I'm quite sure I'll get a ST first due to availability of remaining units on our roads. I am also returning to bikes due to possible upcoming shift in transport needs so will take this chance to finally own a ST after getting my Class 2 only a couple years ago, 17 yrs after I got my 2A. Haha. Looking forward, but only if that shift does happen, otherwise the poor beauty may end up parked in the carpark most of the time.
  5. I can imagine.. Haha.. ST is almost double NC HP, with the V4 and shaft drive it's a totally different ride. Let's see how it goes, will post here if I end up getting a ST.. Haha..
  6. I'm asking as I dont want to be dropping the bike everywhere.. Haha.. The NEA thing is probably a good reason for me to go for one now before it really gets too late. The ST and the DCT NC are 2 models I will likely go for next.. but the ST has not many years left so likely that first before the NC.
  7. Hi all, Been considering getting a ST11. Can I ask how tall are you other ST11 owners out there? Any issue with the weight? I'm 175cm, inseam about 29/30". Wondering if I can manage this bike. Thanks in advance!
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