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  1. Thanks bro ..i got a single seat but i dun quite like it thou..the ones from india will not be the same wit uk or us. i check recently.. and thanks everyone for replyin ! btw i saw a cb550 at combine earlier today looks lovely..av plate..any bros bike ?
  2. hey guys where can i get bar end mirrors here locally..something like halcyon replicas.. i tried jalan besar area..lab..chiong aik..no luck wit it..any other place ? I am also wonderin where they get the single seats for the bullet army..i have seen some nice seats in the previous outing posts. enlighten me anyone..thanks http://www.jainenfield.com/images/adds/seat5.jpg http://www.classicpartsltd.com/images/820mirrorl.jpg
  3. hey guys i got my part for my RE already..i am lookin a shop who cheap and trustable...yd72 has told me one....another other options nearby the north ..or defu side..pls let me know..or pm me thanks..i wanna get over and done with this feelin very handicapped wit out a bike ..
  4. I think will be getting my parts mostly likely by end of nov if everything goes well. Bro how much do you think the cost for workmanship will be for this kinda matters? i dun wanna end up paying more for the services since i have already shipped everything in.....about the paint job not fully glitter like marco..the chasis will all be normal..only the tank and the side air filter will have a patch of giltter and the base will be still some other colour. i got the army cos of the fork, came wit side boxes and the tank gripper. i was quoted same price for both so i rather get the army. another
  5. hey guys where can i get it fixed not plannin to do it at universal thou..anywhere more reliable like ard amk area ?.. and another question will be how much will it to be to change the paint job including the chasis ? the tank and other parts will be glitter colours ? any idea ?
  6. hey guys...might be gettin my parts one month time hopefully my uncle ordered for me over in india..btw where can i get it fixed not plannin to do it at universal thou..anywhere more reliable like ard amk area ?.. and another question will be how much will it to be to change the paint job including the chasis ? the tank and other parts will be glitter colours ? any idea ?
  7. yeah taxi drivers but not all thou !! really annoying man ! i only got the bike exactyly a month and met with the accident.. cant you join you guys for the outs also. my insurance is 3rd party fire and theft. so does not cover.
  8. he is not really in favor of listing all the parts but he did wrote down dis and told me there is more. Damages on Motorcycle Headlamp stay Headlamp assembly Tank (dented) Handle bar Forks assembly Forks outer guards Meter assembly Front fender Exhaust pipe assembly (dented) Engine guard Right side rear box Chassis repair Brake holder Ignition switch Front rims and spokes Front brake Front tire
  9. thanks brothers for replyin.. initially i was quoted ard 1k - 2k including the ride side ammo box when i towed my bike over. few months later as i was recovering and was bz wit my school projects. A guy called me apparently he was the "accident surveyor" on the behalf of the taxi company's insurance. Then the told me i will win the case la..and all the false hope. whereases there was no withness even thou i was not in the wrong. Somehow he micheal's customer or frend. Then this went on for a while. He told me he was not a lawyer or anything. I was talking to my frend about my accident and he
  10. are there any trustable shops that will be able to repair enfield ? besides the agent. how much will it be to change the colour the bike ?
  11. hey brothers...i need your advice...i met wit accident sum time ago..i am ridin a bullet army...my whole front fork assembly needs to be replaced..including headlights..and rims.. i was quoted ard 6k for that to be replaced. where the machine price is only 10k..everything in the bike is in workin condition cept the front fork assembly.i am still a student. i really need some advice from you guys. i am helpless ..
  12. i was lookin forward to meet you guys ..soon but then again..i met wit an accident..and my bike is screwed sigh...bad lucky man barely a month..the taxi driver beat red light and i crashed onto him hope can claim sum insurance..anyway guys..does everyone has an msn account here ? will be easier to contact each other.. keep the list goin.. 1. [email protected] - vel
  13. hey guys i saw tis on local auction hope you find tis interesting indian bike
  14. bro marco..hope i can make it the next outin..been caught up wit skool projects...and work..sigh..
  15. i missed out the gatherin..damn...when will the next one be ?
  16. helloo guys got my bullet army already hope to meet up wit you guys soon..if my skool work is done wonderin if there can be any mods could be done so that the exhaust will sound louder ? coz i rem the ones which i saw in india sum time back ..was damnn loud ..anyone ?
  17. Hi guys will be gettin my bullet army soon..hope to meet you guys sumtime soon...any place to recommend to get nice retro helmets? i am wearin size XL btw..thanks guys...
  18. thanks marco...i have seen them on ebay also..but they are very ex..i rem my frend got them for 50ringgit in jb..sumtime ago....it would be betta..if i can spray the glitter ...then i can customise it..
  19. hey brothers...i am wonderin where can i get the glitter helmets or where i can get them sprayed ?
  20. hi guys....i am considering to get a bullet army..anyone ridin it here ? and how much is the kawa w650
  21. thanks peg..anyone ridin a bullet ..wana tell me more bout their brakin..and maintance ?
  22. Hi guys i am thinkin of gettin a bullet army..just wanna know a couple of things..its using a drum brake ..so well can sum one tell me more bout the bike ...wat mods can be done..thanks
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