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  1. Hello tony.. Wondering if u could do ur magic on my rieju rs3.. Its using koso meter..
  2. Hi I have post you the cost of Jacket you interested plz check and reply me so may i hold this jacket for you





  3. abt ur signal.. it could either be not enough juice in your battery or your signal relay gone kaput... East side, u can try planet motors at Ubi Rd1.. The most corner shop. about 3 shops away from Asphoon workshop.
  4. Hey dude, I have spot your post in Singaporebikes and just wondering if you could help fulfill my dreams as a young entrepenuer. I have a facebook page that caters to Gilera maxi-scooters in Singapore and will really appreciate if you could show your little support to "Like" my page! You could help by increasing the popularity of the scooter scene in Singapore! Here's the site http://www.facebook.com/scooternnarcotics



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