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  1. Ups for u bro. Wats ur nxt ride?
  2. those type of boots will be much better than sneakers n casual shoes. actually proper riding boots, though thick at the sole and top, once u get used to it, it actually makes riding much better. most noticeable for me is stopping and putting my left foot down feels more stable with good grip. and the odd falls are much easier on the feet (touch wood!). i had my fair share. LOL
  3. naim

    SBF MaxSym Cafe

    Stock is 15g. Go for either 14 or 16. Anything more or less u will lose out alot in terms of a acceleration or top speed
  4. naim

    SBF MaxSym Cafe

    Something is wrong. No matter hw hot it gets, I hv nv gotten it over halfway. Check ur coolant level first. Highly suspect the previous owner or shop change coolant but never do it properly. Maxsym cooling system nt easy to service.
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