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  1. Hi you stay macpherson ?

  2. Anyone heading to AGL ? I'm planning to go there. Asap
  3. Where is this located at? I'm not too sure where, is it the one you be facing the waterfront?
  4. I want to ask you guys something . what is te cost If I wanna change my oil seal? It has been giving out alot of smoke and I'm pretty sure is not about my 2t. Tolong saya okay?
  5. I'm sure my oil seal is leaking anyone know how much can it cost? Rm or sgd is okay
  6. Looking for tong or stock endcan pm me. Interested buyer here
  7. let go for sp outing on 4th june! :D

  8. done my pole light and meter light by rabbit!


    you got rextor cdi?

  9. looking for sp parts!

  10. im intrested price pics?

  11. Hi..

    u looking for Sp? mine is FU plate Sp.. COE ending NoV this yr

    Good fc at 22km/L

    paintwork : 6/10

    Engine : 8/10

    interested can pm me

  12. check out my thread if u interested in SP. selling at 1.1k

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