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  1. ***************Asking price: $11499************** ########NOTE####### Bike comes with stock exhaust! 2015 KTM RC200 COE exp: 15 April 2025 Roadtax exp: 15 April 2018 Mileage: 33000 still counting... Nice plate number! Bike is fully paid. If u need refinancing do let me know i can recommend shop to u. However u lias with the shop, i will not be involved. Properly maintained and taken care of. Nv been on track, nv ridden hard. Only fed with Caltex 98. Bike is washed every fortnightly, chain cleaned and lubed after every riding in rain. Mostly parked in MSCP and shelter. E
  2. Selling Vespa GTS 300 Supersport comes with bidded number plate. all the way stock till to date with just added floor mat Number Plate: FBJ1xG Imagine 20 year later with this plate and the Vespa, selling price: 17k (include number plate) buyer bare $11 transfer fee COE till: late 2026 Milleage: 22554km Comes with ABS and Traction Control Full cash only/ arrange your own reloan Servicing done 15k servicing done with botak roller belt U shoes sparkplug coolant flush new tyre less than 3 mths please do not discuss on pricing without viewing the bike. I am available i
  3. Hey Bro, i am getting my ZZR next mth, but i would like to get my main stand b4 i got my bike. cos previously on my busa, without main stand is pain in the ass for oiling the chain and cleaning of rim. will be greatly appreciated if you could tell me how to get the pair of main stand. Location of the shop and would like to know how long do i need to wait to get the stand.





  4. ya la, it is not that it is spoil then i sell ma. i will continue to ride loh. but wave would be good since i staying 2 traffic light away from sch. lol.

    but when u go IA next sem i need my s4. lol

  5. same goes to me.. ppl offered me but i nv ask for desposit and now they MIA alrdy... one non local even suspect me why i invest so much money to rebuild and ask for receipt, scan and uploaded but MIA... sianz!

    since everything i do up nice nice, i still can continue ride for 8 more yrs without any problem and add more stuffs i want haha

    yrs also the same ba, no one keen, keep it first..

  6. walao, the guy just call me say, his father give him the S4 and no need to buy from me liao. so regret nvr take deposite. lol

  7. Oh. Congrat. Trading?

  8. hey bro, my bike sold liao, this coming tuesday go do transfer, i got a wave(FW plate) plus 6.5k. of course my S4 renew coe liao

  9. HI bro


    How much u selling ur vespa.

    i am interested.

    pls contact me 92963421.

  10. Hi


    May i know how much u selling at?? u can contact me at 92963421. thanks

  11. u still interested? i might let go to a potential buyer soon. at 1.1k

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