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  1. Hi, I have the K6 B650.Been riding it for abt 1 yr and a half. Major issue i had was Pulley motor replacement,Rectifier and Alternator(Generator) replacement. Had the Front & Rear suspension upgrade to Matris. Mileage i got abt 19-20km/L Do add me to ur chat grp on B650. Thanks.
  2. Bro, am interested in 1 pair - 120 & 180 size. got 190 also can. btw since i'm in kl, how frequent are u going up there? else i'll be heading down to jb this saturday 10 july, perhaps we can cod there...

  3. Orite bro..

    Juz update me on this club thingy..


    Have fun on the Coming organised trackday..

    maybe i can join u guys on the next planned one..


    Oh ya..

    so i see u On UMA pit next season for MSS 2010 with ur RC8???hehehehe:p

  4. Dude,


    Points well taken and true.


    But SMSA is a disease and we have decided that there is not use trying to change them.


    We are starting up with the private non profit trackdays to show what a few friends can do compared to SMSA, then we will slowly grow it into a club, then to the things that you mentioned.


    We will have nothing to do with SMSA


    It will take a year or two, but it will happen.


    We do not want to go out and set up big unions and stuff immediately... with support these things will come naturally.


    Once that happens, we will go in the direction you stated.


    Catch you around.



  5. Bro the msg have to be read bottom to top than its in sequence..heheheh..

  6. Part 4


    I want to Point out is..Is it possible we band/gather a few Local Bikers/2 wheeler Racers & set up a Racing Union,a club,clan or society that can work closely with Racers & Smsa..for the advantage of current or future 2 wheelers racers.

    I do understand all this will require funding & a lot of dedication to pull such an idea.But with several heads i'm sure we can brainstorm ideas & delegations..


    I believe YOU Hart could make this happen with ur contacts,in-depth knowledge,ways of reasoning & passion for the sport.

    I think its possible to make it happen.


    I hope u can rationalised the vision/idea..maybe u can give this a consideration





    End of Msg

  7. Part 3


    Why can't we have a union that even those who are seperated by sponsors but still brothers in the same union team..a camaraderie among racers..From this Union we can form new racers programme,talents scout,coaching class.etc.We could be some sort of Watch-Dog over SMSA,i mean we can look after juz 2 wheelers racer welfare's,In case of a crash we can be the liason party,we have every racers compilations/details & maybe we could like do Health check 1st on any sanction 2 wheeler race that the organisors have ample safety,medical are in working condition,qualified train staff/marshalls & segregation/filtration of racers level on their qualified class/category.etc.

    We could probably come with a 2 wheelers Union legislation that we could have a race postpone or Cancel if organisors have a breach on these.

    when ur racing doesn't it assures u that if something goes wrong u know u have someone backing u up on any mishaps??


    Read my next msg

  8. Part 2

    I mean most of the ppl chairing SMSA are more Car Enthusias(Those bugger's with their Lambo's,Posh,merc,Beemers..etc Oh ya Subaru included..heheh) rather than bike's..

    So biker's that's goin to the racing(locally or Overseas) are really INSIGNIFICANT to SMSA...

    Another point is..Most local(Singapore) racers who race Overseas even though we're sanction under SMSA(in others word represents Singapore),most have kept/shunned/isolated themselves within their teams..

    I mean..we're few hundred meters away from home..& doin a sport that is possible to take our limbs,senses or even worst lives..& why aren't we capitalising on our numbers,capabilities to elevated our nations 2 wheelers racers/riders to a higher level.


    Read my next msg

  9. Hi Bro,


    I've been having this thing on my mind for quite sometime..

    But i can't really seem to pin-point who i can Channel this views/ideas or probably nonsense Kopitiam talk..hehehe


    But i always wonder if we could set up a Local 2 Wheelers Racing Union,

    Lemme explain further..

    SMSA has always have a Bike secratary/V.P or some Chap in-charge of biking scene..

    But how involved are those fella's??

    I mean Peter Tan..he's more concern how to make his business prosper Via SMSA rather than seein the sport bloom..& the current Biking in-charge(Kwok Wing Kit)i mean he was in the Dirt/trail scramblers scene BUT..he knows Nuts on the riders involvement,who's in wat,wat's his status if he go racing local or overseas..bet there is not much communication betw SMSA wit him as they are doin this freelance(i Think)...

    Other than these 2 fella's probably we have wat the Chia Bro's..

    Then who's next??


    Read my next msg pls..

  10. Hi bro,Long time no fear or see...

    U racing this year??

  11. I hope all the guys interested in this category to step up.. Cause this is an exciting Category too.. It will be a waste not have em cause its a great platform to all the 400cc & below to the race scene.. :cry: :cry:
  12. 1.sibingai voted for hanzi n amba 2.OhMiGosh go for hanzi's design. -black- 3.RAKz voted Sapitos's design 4.ettaque for hanzi and amba (feels that the big r6 logo catches the eye) 5.Shawn votes for Sapitos's design 6.Lamerfornica vote Sapitos's design 7.mich vote for all 3 cuz all also nice. 8.nihaoma vote for sapito and hanzi [email protected] - fine with all design. cuz is the r6. 10.yanani-fine with all design........ 11.snakeman-vote for my own design - white 12.Barongan78-vote for all 3 cuz all nice-any color wil do 13.non stop racing - hanzi . 14.rein - don know wat the design i
  13. U guys can give PG a call.. Talk to Syed & ask for the availability & price.. But if u guys need transportation( with a price of course) u guyz can PM me.. :angel: :angel:
  14. Dear MSS Racers or about to be Racers for 2008, Please be informed that there will be a pre-season Practise Date specifically catered for you (both privateers and teams) for the following date & time : Date : Sunday, 17 February 2008 Time : 0900 - 1200 Hrs (Please be there at least half hour earlier) The following schedule will be adopted, based on Below 400cc and Above 400cc : 0855 - 0925 - not defined category 0930 - 1000 - 1005 - 1035 - 1040 - 1110 - 1115 - 1145 - 1150 - 1220 - Full Track Usual Rate applies. :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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