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  1. Hey Bro, just wana find out more abt yo helmet and jacket. Can view?

    -Bernard sms 92729259

  2. Hi, thinking of having a look at your $50 HJC helmet to consider buying. Does it have the PSB sticker?

    Pls sms at 92729259. Thanks.

  3. okay. I do not like to play the game of words actually. However, Internet is not the same as it is back in the 90s. We have to be responsible for the content we posted. IPs can be easily tracked, so I hope everybody please take note of your vocabulary usage here/ posting content. I wouldnt argue who is in right or who is at the fault now but a PM has been sent to respective party involve. Post will be edited after I have sort things out. Last but not least, Please stop quoting each other and rest the matter. Regards arjen
  4. Its a monster s4 using the 916 engine. spotted at sengkang, parking illegally under void deck
  5. Saw this chrome monster s4 today http://img90.imageshack.us/img90/5250/1409061802em9.jpg http://img242.imageshack.us/img242/2922/1409061804hq1.jpg http://img149.imageshack.us/img149/2853/1409061805ef4.jpg
  6. Regardless S4 or XJR... its the same. it'll get hotter at hotter if u're moving at slow speed or jams. highway, its abit better. you will appreciate lots upon rainny days or cold night riding. keep ur balls warms.
  7. Its really a pity that I couldnt find any XJR around ... unless its a brand new bike.
  8. Anybody have any ideas if there are any XJR for sales ? FV/FW plate preferred.
  9. Nope, not me but somebody else I known got it instead. Cheers
  10. It seems that the monster group in SBF are not very active .. But I'll love to meet you guys up one day to talk about the italian beauty and exchange some biking experience. just wonder where do you guys usually hang out ?
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