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  1. Hi Bro, I want to ask u about CBR400.. I am looking for a CBR400, but wanna know some tips in looking out for the bike condition.. If worst case senario engine needs overhaul, how much will it cost? Any shops to recommend?

  2. you got go out with him before? wha. honour siol. i only sms him nia. he dont want to go out with me. maybe i noob. yea.
  3. he gave me alot of advice. he say one of his friend k7 is like nothing. haha. wow. how come sexy pillion the most one. lol. ****. got to go find one.
  4. i know of a guy who is a pro in CBR. pm me i give you his number? all i know is he rides a cbr with stock paintwork. and gpr slip on which is louder than class2 bikes. some say ducati see alr no fight. haha.
  5. i think got 3 models L, N, R. excluding hurricane.
  6. ok. thanks. not using that bulb anymore. cos i had seen how it damaged my switch. hahaha.
  7. ok. thanks. not using that bulb anymore. cos i had seen how it damaged my switch. hahaha.
  8. so how to solve the problem?
  9. change back to yellow halogen. most prob rectifier and batt prob. some say white bulbs will over heat your switches.
  10. btw. wats the diff between a floating and fix brake caliper? erm. any pics to show. i know its the way they hold it to the bike and the way it works. and usually brake got dont know 2, 4 ,6 pistons. so it literally means 2, 4, 6 pistons? i heard that cbr400 head gasket easily hot. true? no? just wondering. i dont have a cbr400 to test out. haha.
  11. oh.. so its the 'stomach' part? how to check coolant? radiator? or its cooling system? like easily hot or not? charging voltage how to check? if the person no install voltmeter. test out horn and signals etc?
  12. oh ok. thanks. i read about the above post. header. so the header part is the part that links to the engine or endcan?
  13. oh ok thanks. wats a gull swingarm? i read about tri-arm swing arm etc . but wats the diff?
  14. hi there. can anyone kindly explain wats the difference the 3 diff. models of cbr400, L N and R. performance wise and structure wise?
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