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  1. hi guys, i have an ORIGINAL Yamaha XJR 400R clutch cable (unused) , part number: 4HM-26335-10, BOUGHT FOR $30 plus from auto machinery more than a year ago as spares for riding up north, selling at $20. if interested pls let me noe at 97613017. thanks
  2. oh yah, when i am at 6k - 6.5k rpm, my speed is only ard 100km/h. so its surprising that yur fren's can hit 130 at that rpm range
  3. some suggestions, not comprehensive, not exhaustive, but based on similar experience which gave me a chi ba bom when i down to gear 5 at 130km/h ..... 1) spark plug might be wrong (wrong length, wrong temperature etc) 2) valve clearance too long nv do my mech(s) suspected the 2 reasons above. hope yur fren can solve it asap, get a good mech to help
  4. hi skywalker, had exactly that RXZ sai tao when i took over the bike. it looks ok from certain angles and to certain pple, some find it ugly. the brightness in my opinion is way too low for msia at nite, some suggest that changiing the bulb inside might help, but i didnt. in spore mayb ok since u haf street lamps all over. wind protection is practically non-existent
  5. hi kaiq, below are my comments in blue - the screws on the engine shows signs of rusting at the inner center - can't they use stainless steel screws? no idea about this, but i do haf some areas rusting too, as u said, its 3 yrs old. - the words "XJR" on the side plates are peeling off at the edge - can't they just use the plastic imprint like the "Yamaha" on the tank? i haf one side peeling off too, due to carelessness when mounting and dismounting, my guess is the peeling is on the right hand side? i suppose they cant pls every consumer, i myself find the wordings 3D and sleek, but to
  6. great info drumx. as for the spare parts, u mind specifying wat u need. although at the end of the day H**g Le*ng seems to be the most likely solution. and anyone using KNN air filter? if yes, where did u get it
  7. hi sss-man, we r learning from each other as best we can from yur description if the sound is high-pitched, like tapping a ball-point pen against the wall then it might b an off valve clearance. no idea abt the older models, but HEARD that engine wise there isnt much of a change btw the old and the new. this prob is faced by a few of other owners (new models), especially starting when cold and after a considerable mileage ( say mayb 15-20k and onwards). i dunno if it can b considered normal, but opinions from others is to get the valve clearance corrected before long term damage se
  8. hi targetboard according to hearsay its advisable to do valve clearance on a basis or mayb 10 to 20k intervals, while some advise to do when the ticking sound becomes too obvious. so dun tink there is a hard and fast rule, as usual. i had mine done at Ubi area at ard 30k+, after the 1st had been done at 10k+. from MY OWN PERSONAL judgement the ticking did go away, and i dun remember how long the remedy can last. there are mechs other than at hong leong who can perform the task, but ultimately they need parts b4 anyhing can be done. the cost is easily in the 100s region, if no
  9. this is a jolly old qn for xjr. but hopefully some one can shed some updates on where to get crashbars (be it 3-point contact or 2-point contact), and mayb a bit of info on the price and where it is available. thanks
  10. hi Icez, i think discussing here will help u more cos others can chip in too full tank ~ 400+ for sure, if i rememebr coorectly previous owner pushed it to ~ 430 before, personally i tried 410+ on spore travelling top end is ard 195 clearing meter, clocked by a dua gu on a digital speedo, no idea whether it can go up some more yes, 160/70 can fit on rear, 120 can fit on front, think since u asked, u already aware that stock is 150 rear 110 front, but 150 rears are harder to find readily no idea abt " so cheap ", but one thing for sure is its high dosage of similarities
  11. ever presence of honda s4, its little legacy it created in spore and its market is something xjr will nv be able to match in my opinion. when the new look 02 xjr came into the market, there was a little hoo haa by some over the potential rivalry it can pose to s4. but 2 yrs down the road and its obvious who won. guess the presence of xjr would be even more oblivious if not for the fact tat its used as a training bike at one of the learning centres " eh why yur super 4 got yamaha logo? " " er.. no la its actually from yamaha, called xjr" " huh? simi r? " " X.. J .. R "
  12. at bikes specs and review, more than enuff to read http://www.singaporebikes.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=6334 http://www.singaporebikes.com/forum/index....showtopic=60549 http://www.singaporebikes.com/forum/index....53152&hl=xjr400 http://www.singaporebikes.com/forum/index....33163&hl=xjr400 General information Model: Yamaha XJR 400 R Year: 2002 Category: Naked bike Engine/transmission Displacement: 399.00 ccm (24.35 cubic inches) Engine type: In-line 4 Stroke: 4 HP (kW): 53.00 (38.7) @ 11000 Torque - Nm (kgf-m / ft.lbs): 35.00 (3.6 / 25.8) @ 9500 Compressi
  13. from wat i noe the few (i casually asked 2, while my fren asked at least 1 before) tat i asked do take them in. but the price is comparatively lower than s4
  14. hey drumx and Blitzkrieg, i nid to get a set too. old set did its job and its time to go... why not we get 3 sets one shot, might be able to get it slightly cheaper.
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