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  1. Hi bro.

    Keen to view ur bike.

    Can whatapps me at 9004 3636.


  2. thanks for your PM Morris. haha yes...low ballers can be a real spoiler.



  3. Hi Shiv,


    I have ended the CMO in June 2012 due to low ballers making comments about the pricing. I have some stocks with me as I am a user myself and also prepare for my customers who wish to repeat their order. You can find the products here : http://www.masterformulapolish.com/

    If you wish to know the feedback from the users, just google and you can find a few reviews with photos.

    Feel free to text me at 91817600 if you have further enquires. Thank you.



  4. hello,


    can you direct me to your CMO thread pls? i would like to see it...saw your polishing post on the cafe racer thread.



  5. sir...are you shew by any chance? soma here!

  6. Super sweet ride Anyway, hello everyone. Been following this thread for a while. Hopefully ill be able to join you guys soon. Only pocket tight cos studying >.
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