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  1. hi unique, your maxima package change the normal spark plugs to iridium, how much will u charge?
  2. may i know where the shop? i spent 530 on coil rectifier and gasket. more sianz
  3. gimme a few days to consider will u?

  4. Hi Azman


    Thanks for the interest. If you were to give me $430. The helmet will be yours. Trust me. You are getting a very good condition Arai Ram3. Let me know. Thanks.




  5. im using m5,so far wet, cornering. all not bad. betta than my previous bt-023
  6. hey bro, really keen for ur arai ramIII. can msg me, my no is 96976460.

  7. hey bro.im interested with the arai ram II black colour. i understand that it is size m. i am currently wearing size s, 55-56. will there be any big difference?? dont wanna regret when i bought the wrong size.

  8. bro how much and where u bought ur arai jacket?? thinking of buying one.

  9. hey bro im interested for the arai ramII size s gunmetal.really wanna get that! pls contact me at 96976460.can go down lower?

  10. hey,really interested in buying,what size is it? i know its m, but what the cm? and do u have a pic?

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