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  1. Welcome to the harley family...u riding alone or with your group....? Harley is pretty much a hassle free bike except mod will burst your wallet. Lol learn on your stock bike first before U go into mod. This bike is endless of mods... pm me if u keen to come along our kopi group though now it’s CCB time....
  2. This forum getting quite a bit quiet....guess all go riding....
  3. chio leh..sayang to see it selling
  4. All HD engine have it's own signature, really depends what you want...HD has no technology or maybe outdated technology...if u looking for hi-tech, then HD is not for you. If you looking for heritage, this is one lifestyle bike that you will always be look upon when you are on the road...doesn't matter evo/tc or whatever...as long it's a harley, there is always someone out there admiring the bike because of it's history....
  5. there is a few...Dr Tony Ace Custom or Peter Skullz Cycle....All are gurus on HD, and of course HDS...
  6. Riding Harley is a lifestyle, but there are ppl that do daily ride. for tempest, there is always an option to change it to a 3 gallon tank. 48 is a peanut tank, so only have 7 litre of fuel...I'm riding a 48, and I do have a trax box behind me. as well, I have the option to remove the box if I wanna the riders look. Just get the quick release bracket, and u can be on touring mode or riders mode...but if got passenger, then will be a bit challenging cos this bike is for rider and passenger not quite comfortable.
  7. It could be otherwise....I love to have the big twin, but me as Asian size...I'm happy with my sportster....and it's not just a sportster, it's a Harley....ppl just love seeing it...regardless that's for sure....a definite head-turner
  8. $16888 machine price....but u must be really be prepared to stand out of the crowd...
  9. Wah, see liao I really upset....$17.8K....OMG, really low until scary....Upz for you... I see already also very sad cos riding a 48 as well and this price is really Wow...
  10. Very long never come in already...good to see that sportster chat is still alive.....lol...
  11. U never chio them to your HOGS meh....Lol
  12. Really sayang....such a nice bike......ups for u....
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