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  1. deleted psssssssssssssssssssssssss

  2. hey hi ur design 1 koso mirror can fit on sp right. will it vibrate too much like those chiong mirror?, how will u grade it compared to stock mirror?. pm me if possible thx

  3. hello bro... u r talking abt outing rite?? i wanted to go but i dont knw anyone yet... n my name is faris....no..96429725....

  4. relax.. i sms him remove liao

  5. As I told you we shuld keep it low profile sum stupid idiot posted it on SP tread... Fycking stupid *******... Brain got ****...

  6. i wanna do setting + wash carb lei. tht time u say hw much ah ?

  7. Sori not open on Sunday .. Saturday we open as normal 930 to 7pm....wat u wana do..???

  8. hi ah hua / boss , u all sunday got open ? if got , till wht time ? gimme a pm thx :)

  9. Dun tink too much my fren... Take gd care...

  10. hi sandyanne ~ do u have LED strips for sales?

  11. u organise one with inadvance date thn we newbies all join u all go out ~
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