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  1. Hi bro, can I ask you regarding your experience with the boulevard 400? I'm intending to buy one

    Thank You

  2. Hey bro, i'm the one riding TA150 at Pasir Ris.. The one you help me spray matt black. How you doing?

  3. Bro how do you take out your exhaust pipe? And you use Hi-Temp Spray is it? Mind asking your friend how much does it cost for the handlebar and may i know where to did you go to get your paintwork done? Please PM me.. Thanks Bro! Hope to hear from you soon. Have a nice day!
  4. guys if i want to change steering lock how much will it be?
  5. Which EO is good for TA200? sorry Newbie here....
  6. if airbrush quality usually how much is the price range?
  7. Bro got msn??

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