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  1. Your mailbox if full bro, can't reply.

  2. bro, just sms me 98466061.

  3. Forget when is the exact date of Coe but its 2012, rd tax may this yr mileage 70k

  4. hi whats the mileage and all exact date of COE expiry, inspection, rd tax.

  5. hi im interested.. wats the cost?

  6. Hey dude, I have spot your post in Singaporebikes and just wondering if you could help fulfill my dreams as a young entrepenuer. I have a facebook page that caters to Gilera maxi-scooters in Singapore and will really appreciate if you could show your little support to "Like" my page! You could help by increasing the popularity of the scooter scene in Singapore! Here's the site http://www.facebook.com/scooternnarcotics



  7. Hey bro I'm interested in the fairing, how much would it cost? And is it te full set?
  8. Bro I used to think tt aprilia has a lousy pickup and I keep asking the same qns as u. Until most of the pros here told me to play ard with the clutch until I got very use to the bike now. Loving it. Seriously dun waste money on power command. It's useless for our bike. Maybe we could meet up some day as I'm a noob to this bike as well.
  9. Hahaha! I tot u were asking where to buy a powerful rs125. Haha!
  10. Wat u mean by power one?
  11. Okay guys I found out the prob. Abit embarrassing. I nv fully close my choke tts y my bike keep stalling. Haha!
  12. Thks for the reply. After I went to the bike shop to get it tune, it was normal. Then after a few days later I have to open choke and throttle to get it running. Now I have to hold on the throttle all the way. Even after running on the expressway, the bike will juz die off the moment the bike is stopped. Yes I do a warm up everytime I start the bike. But I have to hold down the throttle. Gonna head down to the bike shop later to get it checked.
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