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  1. hi just drop by to say hi to the all the kipster ...be a while i was here
  2. the 1st batch will be sold to those who had reserved online with singtel.
  3. 8/16g 3g iphone will hit singtel stores on 23 aug 08.prices is not announced yet est btw 399-599 with contract. even there are many iphones around locally.but all r not cover by apple for warranty. those who r waiting cheers!!!
  4. Outing Cancel ....................no People Support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Run Liao Krr No Longer Like The Past No More Close Family Like The Past..last Time Say Outing Wow Lao 20 Bikes Anytime. Mayb Now The New Gen Kips Dun Like Gathering.
  5. as wat people say once n emperor forever n emperor....haha wow national day still must work ah....that life in singapore.
  6. alamak u r the main gal le........anyway dun think the outing will be successful cos not enough ppl...
  7. i like ur confidence ......now i old liao walk also got problem... so u have the fastest kips now lo.. any challengers to valarie
  8. EX-KRR/KRR National day outing 09/08/08 2300hrs(NO CONFIRM SEE GOT KAKI OR NOT)IF GOT 20 WE ON!!!! ---any bikes also can ..but i believe all ex-krr now all ride class2 bike or car liao.CAR R NOT WELCOME(NO OFFENCE) ----yishun dam ----jb petrol ---last time motor siao like to outing in very big group on 08/08. ---myth becos all tp standby/escort for national day. ---we r not MS so we celebrate sinkapor 43 9/8/8 1)95 Emperor 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) 17) 18) 19) 20) PUT NICK LIAO MUST ON HOR ...50/50 DUN PUT OK ....
  9. alamak dun salute me with so big pic of u la.scared i miss u izzit:lol: ....if outing i sure know who u r ,u cant run i will catch u.
  10. now old liao....the king of krr is the new blood that juz got their bikes.. try to make it abt 20 ...i believe alotsa not riding krr anymore. as for new guys dun worry ,this is very common for gathering always got new faces ..juz be more friendly.we can drink eat tok ..then jb pump petrol. but let me sms all the ex c they got time or not.
  11. no good not nice lookin...buy 08blade shd be gd enough the 1 for the performance laii.....send ur cowl to me.
  12. Not a problem lah.but must find all the birds first ... then make sure u realli bring pillon ...otherwise extra pillon shiok all.maybe u can ask for 4d...lol:lol:
  13. eh all ex krr bro time to appear for rounding==
  14. where are all the r1 new blood .....no matter wat r1 still the best looking litre bike around ...wake up ur r1 rider!!!!
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