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  1. Hi bro spark decal available? Whatsapp me pic @93351630.thanks

  2. Still selling your yoshi carb 24mm? how much?

  3. bro , my number 83995229 . you got whatsapp ? sent me through there . thanks .

  4. Bro , any pics of your yamaha racing footrest ?

  5. sold sold sold!

  6. Idk. by the comments I guess. haha. anyway there's an accident involving a bike and a car at TPE just now morning. ride safe guys.
  7. seems like there's an issue with a lalat.
  8. Spankers top guru lai liao lah! Haha
  9. its best for you to ask this question at your prefered bike shop. price varies.
  10. Speed Power? haha! way too strong then Brembo's.
  11. nice talking to Bo and some others. see you guys soon bye sweetheart. hahaha! epic
  12. sure. might attend to one of the upcoming outings if time lets me
  13. wave speedo is definately cooler! haha! RS125 comes with marchesini rims? didnt know that. anyway thanks to you I need not to use my fugly rear disc bracket for my rear disc brake. cheers
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