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  1. hi @filaafro i am using a generic 2T oil to lube my chain, apply it about once a week. haven't changed my chain n sprocket in 2 years.

  2. Hey desewer, just wanna ask you, im riding an S4. What engine oil I could use to lube my chain? Thanks.

  3. Was option #3. After the mech removed the handlebar and tightened the stem nut (is that what you call it?) the vibration went away.
  4. Bro thanks for reply. Will post here once i repair it. Thanks again...
  5. Bro ahpek... My handlebar vibration getting quite bad. Have to hold on hard when riding n ride wif one hand is wobbly. Braking also will vibrate. Any diagnosis? previously wasnt this bad...
  6. guys, pls beware when buying agv visors from regina. i paid them $40 for an agv visor towards the end of last year. last week i noticed that the visor had lots of small little pockmarks as if the layer coating was spoilt. then when riding the tear-away visor knobs fell off. upon checking, i discovered the visor they sold me was not an AGV visor. As it did not have the agv logo. i can only blame myself for not checking the visor thoroughly before payment. now i'm stuck with a FF i can't use because of spoilt visor, and i do not want to patronise that shop again. i don't have a choice where e
  7. bro (or is it "sis") you are asking a very weird question. of course the more you pay for a helmet, you expect it to be better in terms of safety, quality, durability, etc. i really dunno where to find a "cheap" helmet that is better in all these aspects than a $700 arai or suomy. IMO the marginal advantage you gain in every price increase, is not gonna be worth the $ (unless you have oodles of cash to spare lah that is). i guess another way of explaining this is, if you plot a graph of helmet quality (y-axis) against the price (x-axis) it should not be a straight line, rather it should
  8. bro any normal bike shop can change the lockset for you. i changed the lockset on my Givi 45l topbox sometime last year, at one shop behind safra tampines (tamp industrial park). i think i paid $20 including labour. hope this info helps.
  9. i bought the HJC CL-ST too. after using it for awhile, i have concluded that i would rather use this "cheapo" full face helmet (at $100 only) than use my normal open-face bought at $35. the next closest-priced FF was those you could get at LAB and Regina which was too simple, too plain and really the quality is not as good as the HJC. also, i find that i'm not the type to pay a good premium for a "quality" FF any more. used to have an AGV which cost $450 but it is past it's useful safety life and you won't find me forking out a similar amount for another helmet again.
  10. cancel... i bought the helmet already. shared with a friend and paid only $100 for the helmet. sweet! nice design.
  11. Anyone wanna get the hjc cl-st from motoworld? Share with me? If buy 2pc is only $200 but if buy one is $150. Pls contact me 00000000 we buy together and save money. Thanks. Sent from my GT-I9000 using Tapatalk
  12. 237 at white sands shopping mall (pasir ris mrt) level 4 money changer just outside pasir ris branch library... thank goodness it was open tonight (25 dec 2010 @ 8:30 p.m.) as i'm going to malaysia early tomorrow morning and don't wanna waste time changing money there.
  13. http://www.mha.gov.sg/basic_content.aspx?pageid=216 For males who choose to go to either CNB, ICA or SPS instead of SPF or SCDF, they would be required to serve out their NS first before commencing their 4 year bond with the particular Home Team department of their choice. never heard of this until today, maybe i knew it but didn't know what it was called. CPO, no head no tail leh. never kena court fine or jail term, just try your luck lah. if you don't get called up at all, means no chance i.e. already screened you out.
  14. It's called Torx. It's a different kind of toolset which some continental bikes use. I recall my Triumph had a few Torx nuts.
  15. Wah bro video out liao. Will view it once at home later. What pipes did you get as the wedding gift ah? Ride safe!
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