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  1. I bought a new one just a few weeks back. Black colour, stand in shop for 4 years.


    The ride is pretty good for a small scoot, the 16 inch wheels are a big plus. I am not entirely happy with the suspension. But the brakes are good, so is space and lights. Tried a Vespa, oh my, 12 inch wheels are a pothole search engine, and it is so flippy on the Xpressway.

  2. I will shop around. A battery is a battery, and unless PML's policy is that another battery will void any warranty, I see no point in getting a more expensive batt if a cheaper one works as well.

    ... snip






    Here is a summary of a real world battery test done by a German magazine. It is not the 19 Ah variant, but results generally confirm what we know already, Yuasas and Vartas are top. The Odysee was better but not that much better.



  3. I'm a frequent visitor to Singapore and also a Wee Strom rider in the States (SFO).


    I was wondering if there was a rental outfit that rents motorcycles? Maybe a V-Strom?


    Any tips would be appreciated!


    Years ago there were some. But the renters trashed the bikes, and also the number of accidents were too high. Then they stopped it by method of insurance premiums.


    There is one left which mainly leases to cooperates http://www.banhockhin.com.sg . You can always try.


    There is no rental in Malaysia. Thailand has, but mainly smaller bikes, partially miserable conditions.

  4. Questions to all the Cub (and Cub style) riders.


    - Which tires do you use?

    - How much did you pay, and does it includes mounting?

    - Which is considered the best tire?


    I could possibly get a batch of German tires, but I need to know if it is worthwhile bringing them into S'pore. Serious answers will be appreciated.

  5. hi everyone, need help regarding 650gs, those who own one, is it a good bike for touring as i,m afraid underpower? thanks


    Not underpowered at all. I couple people in Germany have it already. Guess what - not one bit slower than the R 1100 GS.

  6. Government bought 40 Honda Varadero 125, AFAIK. That's a 125 cc bike for almost the price of a 600 cc bike. How is that?


    Or alternatively for a not much more they could have gotten emission free Vectrix scooters. I am sure they would get a very good price, same like the Aussie government.

  7. Still no movement from the 'official side'.


    London installed already plugs on public car parks for people to recharge the scooters. In Sidney they plan to install the same.


    Singapore? The gas conversion that people buy at the moment will be going the same road as the diesel. Once many use it, price will go up like mad. Diesel costs in EU the same as petrol. Gas price is slowly creeping up. Don't be fooled. It does not make too much sense, unless one drives very high mileage every year, such as taxi.


    Wasn't it government's goal to avoid western countries mistakes?

  8. any impact on speed, ride comfort with this tyres? thought of having these for my next tyre change.


    Off-road the TKC80 is the benchmark. On-road it is noisier, and does not run as smoothly as a good road tire. It has a speed limit of 160 kph. This is because of the big profile blocks which would be damaged at high speeds. Additionally there is a price to pay in terms of total mileage.

  9. no, not motorised bicycle. the issue on hand is to allow electric motor-vehicles on the road.


    So right you are. I've no interest in a walking aid. A real commuter motorcycle / motorcycle class scooter with electrical engine. Here is another one with 3000 W engine:


    E-Fun Zappino, with upgrade 40Ah Battery about 80 -km range, not that great but good enough for commuting.




    E-Fun http://www.efun-ev.com/pro-d.html

  10. Another reason (besides of the air cooling) is the cylinders point sideways, not up. It has the effect that at standstill always a tiny amount of oil will sip into the cylinder. If the engine is older this might get a bit more.

  11. I thought this one was sold long time ago.


    Maybe they bring in a new one.


    Very good looking bike!!!:cheeky:


    A black one is just sold, a white one is still there. Many love it in red.



  12. Anyway, anyone knows why engine EAT engine oil?


    This has to do with the air cooled engine. It needs a bit more tolerances, as parts like cylinder and pistons are exposed to more impact from environmental temperatures.


    Water cooled engines allow for tighter tolerances, as they have their own temperature household. But even my (previous) DL1000 used a bit of oil when it was older. So older engines also tend to use more.


    BMW prescribes 20W-50. This is better for tropical climate, and makes the engine consuming lesser oil. A 10W-30 is too thin, IMO. A side effect will be increased mechanical noise. 20W-50 muffles the more open parts of the air cooled engine better.

  13. As I said already. Because Mr. Lee or the importer Guan Hoe did not fill the pre-order form accordingly last year, they simply did not get enough numbers DL650 from Suzuki.


    They will have a new chance on the next pre-order session. New DL650 will likely be ready in Nov, so better hope they ordered sufficiently, or Suzuki will bypass Singapore again. I guess they'll increase price as a result of their own mistake.


    Or they would have to try getting left over DL650 from overseas. But since it sells like hotcake everywhere, there are no leftovers in the market.


    Old style MC shop is going to die. Shame for Louis, as I always like them.


    If you are in the market for an adventure tourer and can't wait for the DL650, the new Transalp or the new F 650 GS are the way to go. But ask for the Transalp ABS version - NIL - zilch - zero! Leaves the F 650 GS as the only.

  14. Please keep in mind the character of the boxer engine, and the oil gauge.


    The difference from max to min is about 1/2 liter. If filled to the max line, the boxer engine tends to suck the oil. It is actually smarter keeping the oil level at around 3/4, and never top up before it is low at 1/4. You will quickly see the oil consumption is lower.


    Also do always check the oil gauge AFTER the engine was allowed stand still for 10 minutes. Not right after the ride, and also not next morning.

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